Undergraduate Programs


Accountancy, BS

Actuarial Science, BSLAS

Advertising, BS

Aerospace Engineering, BS

African American Studies, BALAS

Agricultural & Biological Engineering, BS

Agricultural Engineering | Biological Engineering

Agricultural & Biological Engineering, BS and Agricultural & Biological Engineering, BSAG (Dual Degree Program)

Agricultural & Consumer Economics, BS

Agri-Accounting | Agribusiness Markets & Management | Consumer Economics & Finance | Environmental Economics & Policy | Farm Management  | Finance in Agribusiness | Financial Planning | Policy, International Trade & Development | Public Policy & Law

Agricultural Leadership, Education, & Communications, BS

Agricultural Communications - Advertising | Agricultural Communications - Journalism | Agricultural Education | Organizational & Community Leadership

Agricultural Leadership & Science Education, BS

Agricultural Leadership Education | Agricultural Science Education

Animal Sciences, BS

Companion Animal & Equine Science | Food Animal Production & Management | Science, Pre-Veterinary & Medical

Anthropology, BALAS

Archaeology | Human Evolutionary Biology | Sociocultural & Linguistic Anthropology

Architectural Studies, BS

Art (see Studio Art)

Art & Art History, BFA

Art Education, BFA

Art Undeclared

Asian American Studies, BALAS

Astronomy, BSLAS

Atmospheric Sciences, BSLAS


Biochemistry, BS

Bioengineering, BS

Brain & Cognitive Science, BSLAS

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Chemical Engineering, BS

Biomolecular Engineering

Chemistry, BS

Environmental Chemistry

Chemistry, BSLAS

Chemistry Teaching

Civil Engineering, BS

Classics, BALAS

Classical Civilizations | Classical Languages

Communication, BALAS

Community Health, BS

Health Education & Promotion | Health Planning & Administration | Rehabilitation Studies

Community Health, BS & Public Health, MPH

Comparative & World Literature, BALAS

Comparative Literature | World Literature

Computer Engineering, BS

Computer Science + Advertising, BS

Computer Science + Animal Sciences, BS

Computer Science + Anthropology, BSLAS

Computer Science + Astronomy, BSLAS

Computer Science + Chemistry, BSLAS

Computer Science + Crop Sciences, BS

Computer Science + Economics, BSLAS

Computer Science + Geography & Geographic Information Science, BSLAS

Computer Science + Linguistics, BSLAS

Computer Science + Music, BS

Computer Science + Philosophy, BSLAS

Computer Science, BS

Crafts, BFA


Creative Writing, BALAS

Crop Sciences, BS

Agroecology | Biological Sciences | Crop Agribusiness | Crops | Horticultural Food Systems | Plant Biotechnology & Molecular Biology | Plant Protection

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Dance, BA

Dance, BFA


Early Childhood Education, BS

Earth, Society, & Environmental Sustainability, BSLAS

Science of the Earth System (SES) | Society and the Environment

East Asian Languages & Cultures, BALAS

Econometrics & Quantitative Economics, BSLAS

Economics, BALAS

Electrical Engineering, BS

Elementary Education, BS

Engineering Mechanics, BS

Engineering Physics, BS

Engineering Technology & Management for Agricultural Systems, BS

Agricultural Production & Processing | Construction Management | Digital & Precision Agriculture | Energy & the Environment

English, BALAS

English | English Teaching | Topics in English


Finance, BS

Food Science & Human Nutrition, BS

Dietetics | Food Science | Hospitality Management | Human Nutrition

French (Teaching), BA

French, BALAS

French Commercial Studies | French Studies

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Gender & Women's Studies, BALAS

Geography & Geographic Information Science, BALAS

General Geography | Human Geography

Geography & Geographic Information Science, BSLAS

Geographic Information Science | Physical Geography

Geology, BS

Environmental Geology (Specialized Curriculum) | Geophysics

Geology, BSLAS

Earth & Environmental Sciences | Earth Science Teaching

Germanic Studies, BALAS

German Business & Commercial Studies | Germanic Studies | Scandinavian Studies

German (Teaching), BA

Global Studies, BALAS

Graphic Design, BFA


History of Art, BALAS

History, BALAS

History Teaching

Human Development & Family Studies, BS

Child and Adolescent Development | Family Studies

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Individual Plans of Study, BALAS or BSLAS

Industrial Design, BFA

Industrial Engineering, BS

Information Sciences, BS

Information Systems, BS

Innovation, Leadership & Engineering Entrepreneurship, BS (ILEE)

Instrumental Music, BMUS

Integrative Biology, BSLAS

Integrative Biology Honors

Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, BS

Health & Aging | Health Behavior Change | Health Diversity

Interdisciplinary Studies, BALAS

Jewish Studies | Medieval Studies

Italian, BALAS


Jazz Performance, BMUS

Journalism, BS

Journalism, BS-MJ


Kinesiology, BS

Teacher Education (K-12)

Kinesiology, BS & Public Health, MPH


Landscape Architecture, BLA

Latin (Teaching), BA

Latin American Studies, BALAS

Latina/Latino Studies, BALAS

Learning & Education Studies, BS

Applied Learning Science | Digital Environments for Learning, Teaching & Agency | Equality & Cultural Understanding | Workplace Training & Development

Linguistics, BALAS

Linguistics and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), BALAS

Lyric Theatre, BMA

Creative | Performance

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Management, BS

General Management | International Business

Marketing, BS

Materials Science & Engineering, BS

Mathematics & Computer Science, BSLAS

Mathematics, BSLAS

Applied Mathematics | Graduate Preparatory | Operations Research | Teaching of Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering, BS

Media & Cinema Studies, BS

Metropolitan Food & Environmental Systems, BS

Middle Grades Education, BS

Molecular & Cellular Biology, BSLAS

Honors Concentration

Music Composition, BMUS

Music Education, BME

Choral Music | General Music | Instrumental Music | Technology

Music, BA

Music - Computer Science & Music, BS

Music - Instrumental Music, BMUS

Music - Jazz Performance, BMUS

Musicology, BMUS

Music - Open Studies, BMUS

Music - Voice, BMUS

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Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences, BS

Ecosystem Stewardship & Restoration Ecology | Environmental Science & Management | Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Biology | Human Dimensions of the Environment

Nuclear, Plasma, & Radiological Engineering, BS


Operations Management, BS


Philosophy, BALAS

Photography, BFA

Physics (Engineering), BS

Physics, BS (LAS -Specialized Curriculum)

Physics, BSLAS (Science & Letters)

Physics Teaching

Plant Biotechnology, BS

Political Science, BALAS

Citizen Politics | Civic Leadership | General Political Science | International Relations | Law & Power | Public Policy & Democratic Institution | World Politics

Portuguese, BALAS

Psychology, BSLAS

Behavioral Neuroscience | Clinical/Community Psychology | Cognitive Neuroscience | Cognitive Psychology | Developmental Psychology | Diversity Science | Intradisciplinary Psychology | Organizational Psychology | Personality Psychology | Social Psychology

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Recreation, Sport & Tourism, BS

Recreation Management | Sports Management | Tourism Management

Religion, BALAS

Russian, East European, & Eurasian Studies, BALAS

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Secondary Education, BS


Slavic Studies, BALAS

Czech Studies | Polish Studies | Russian Language, Literature, & Culture | South Slavic Studies | Ukranian Studies

Social Work, BSW

Sociology, BALAS

Spanish (Teaching), BA

Spanish, BALAS

Special Education, BS

Speech & Hearing Science, BS

Audiology | Cultural-Linguistic Diversity | Neuroscience of Communication | Speech Language Pathology

Statistics & Computer Science, BSLAS

Statistics, BSLAS

Strategic Business Development Entrepreneurship, BS

Studio Art, BASA

General Studio Art | Fashion | New Media | Painting | Photography | Printmaking | Sculpture

Studio Art, BFASA

General Studio Art | Fashion | New Media | Painting | Photography | Printmaking | Sculpture

Supply Chain Management, BS

Sustainable Design, BS

Systems Engineering & Design, BS

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Teaching - Middle Grades Education, BS

Teaching of Biology, BSLAS

Teaching of French, BA

Teaching of German, BA

Teaching of Spanish, BA

Theatre, BFA

Acting | Arts & Entertainment TechnologyCostume Design & Technology | Lighting Design & Technology | Scenic Design | Scenic Technology | Sound Design & Technology | Stage Management | Theatre Studies


Urban Studies & Planning, BA

Global Cities | Policy & Planning | Social Justice | Sustainability

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Voice, BMUS