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for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Accountancy

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The Gies accountancy major combines technical knowledge in accounting, assurance, taxation, and data analytics with professional competencies in critical thinking, communication, leadership, and strategic decision-making. Accountancy majors will study the principles, concepts, and methods used to record and report the transactions and activities of a business entity, as well as the tools and processes to audit and analyze accounting information. Accountancy majors will also study the role of accounting information in shaping and implementing key business strategies. Career opportunities for accountancy majors include positions in audit and assurance services, corporate accounting, taxation, consulting and advisory services, and in governmental and not-for-profit entities.

In addition to the accountancy major requirements, students in accountancy must meet the University General Education requirements and the College of Business core requirements (for more detail, see the Gies College of Business undergraduate section).

for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Accountancy

Core Curriculum

Normally, students must register for no fewer than 12 hours or more than 18 hours in each semester. Students should take mathematics, economics, and accountancy courses in the semesters indicated in the sample schedule of courses. The computer science course must be taken during the first year. The computer science requirement no longer allows ACE 161 as an equivalent course. 

Up to 4 hours of Kinesiology activity courses, numbered 100-110 may be counted toward the 124 hours for the degree. The same section of a course may not be repeated for credit. Credit is limited to a maximum of 12 credit hours for 199 courses. Students may receive foreign language credit for courses only 2 levels below highest level taken in high school. For example: 4 years of high school French-no credit below FR 102.

Credit toward the 124 degree hours is not given for MATH 101. Once the math requirement is completed, lower level math courses cannot be taken for credit. 

Any course used to fill a specific degree requirement may not be taken on the credit-no credit grade option. Only free electives may be taken on the credit-no credit option. All finance and accountancy courses must be taken for a grade. It is recommended that all courses taken in the business administration area be taken for a grade.

Minimum hours required for graduation: 124 hours.

University Composition Requirements

Composition I: Principles of Composition 14-7
Advanced Composition3

General Education Requirements

A minimum of six courses is required, as follows:18
Humanities & the Arts: Literature & the Arts (1-2 courses) 4
Humanities & the Arts: Historical & Philosophical Perspectives (1-2 courses) 4
Natural Sciences & Technology: Physical Sciences (0-2 courses) 5
Natural Sciences & Technology: Life Sciences (0-2 courses) 5
Behavioral Sciences (1 course)
Cultural Studies: Non-Western Cultures (1 course)
Cultural Studies: U.S. Minorities Cultures (1 course)
Cultural Studies: Western/Comparative Cultures (1 course)
Quantitative Reasoning (2 courses) 7

Language Other Than English

Completion of the third semester or equivalent of a language other than English is required. Completion of three years of a single language in high school satisfies this requirement.0-15

 Business Core Requirements

ACCY 201
ACCY 202
Accounting and Accountancy I
and Accounting and Accountancy II
BUS 101Professional Responsibility and Business 23
BUS 201Business Dynamics3
BUS 301Business in Action3
BUS 401Global Business Perspectives3
BADM 210
BADM 211
Business Analytics I
and Business Analytics II
BADM 275Fundamentals of Operations Management3
BADM 300The Legal Environment of Bus3
BADM 310Mgmt and Organizational Beh 63
BADM 320Principles of Marketing3
BADM 449Business Policy and Strategy3
CMN 101Public Speaking3
CS 105Intro Computing: Non-Tech3
ECON 102
ECON 103
Microeconomic Principles
and Macroeconomic Principles
FIN 221Corporate Finance3
Total Hours54

Minimum requirements in the major for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy are:

ACCY 301Atg Measurement & Disclosure3
ACCY 302Decision Making for Atg3
ACCY 303Accounting Institutions and Regulation3
ACCY 304Accounting Control Systems3
ACCY 312Principles of Taxation3
ACCY 405Assurance and Attestation3
or ACCY 415 Auditing Stds and Practice
Select one of the following:3
Advanced Financial Reporting
Advanced Income Tax Problems
Total Hours21

Accountancy courses (both required and elective) to be applied toward the 124-hour requirement for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy may not be taken on a credit/no-credit basis. In addition, a limit of 33 hours of accountancy courses (including ACCY 201 and ACCY 202) may be counted toward the 124 total hour requirement. Finally, students must select from either ACCY 405 or ACCY 415.  Both courses cannot count toward the Bachelor of Science degree.