Community Health: Health Education, BS

for the Bachelor of Science Major in Community Health, Health Education & Promotion Concentration

Requirements Including General Education

The Community Health Program requires certain courses from the approved lists be taken as noted below. The prescribed courses prepare the student for upper division study and may be used to satisfy General Education Requirements provided they are on the appropriate General Education List.

Communication Arts
Composition I and an approved speech performance course; or CMN 111 and CMN 112 6-7
Advanced Composition (CHLH 304 fulfills requirement) 3-4
Quantitative Reasoning I & II
From approved campus list (must include a course in statistics from approved campus list) (CHLH 244 and CHLH 421 fulfills requirement)6
Humanities and the Arts
From approved campus list (CHLH 260 fulfills 3 hours of requirement)9
Social and Behavioral Sciences
From approved campus list 9
Natural Sciences and Technology
From approved campus list 9
Cultural Studies 1
One course from Non-Western Cultures approved campus list.3
One course from U.S. Minority Cultures approved campus list3
One course from Western Cultures approved campus list 3
Foreign Language: Completion through the third level of the same language in high school or college
Total Hours51-53

Kinesiology and Community Health Department Core Requirements

Community Health Program Core Requirements
CHLH 100Contemporary Health3
CHLH 125Orientation KIN & Comm Health1
CHLH 201Public Health Research Methods3
CHLH 210Community Health Organizations2
CHLH 250Health Care Systems3
CHLH 274Introduction to Epidemiology3
CHLH 304Foundations of Health Behavior4
CHLH 410Public Health Practice4
CHLH 421Health Data Analysis3
Kinesiology and Community Health Department Core Requirements
CHLH 101Introduction to Public Health3
KIN 122Physical Activity and Health3

Correlate Areas

Each student completes correlates that are planned with the assigned advisor. These courses are designed to enhance and support career goals.

Select courses from the departmentally approved list.18

Summary of Degree Requirements

A total of 128 hours is required for a degree in Community Health with all the above requirements met.  There will be range of electives a student will be able to take depending on the general education number of hours.

General Education51-53
Community Health Profesional Core26
Kinesiolgy and Community Health Core6
Area of Concentration18
Correlate Area18
Total Hours128

Concentration Requirements

FSHN 120Contemporary Nutrition3
CHLH 200Mental Health2
CHLH 206Human Sexuality2
CHLH 243Drug Use and Abuse2
CHLH 380Orientation to Internship1
CHLH 485Community Health Internship8