Community Health: Health Education & Promotion, BS

for the Bachelor of Science Major in Community Health, Health Education & Promotion Concentration

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Programs in Community Health and Kinesiology

Undergraduate Programs:

major: Community Health, BS

concentration: Community Health: Health Education & Promotion, BS

concentration: Community Health: Health Planning & Administration, BS

concentration: Community Health: Rehabilitation Studies, BS

major: Kinesiology, BS

concentration: Kinesiology: Teacher Certification, BS

minor: Kinesiology

minor: Disability Studies

joint degree: Community Health, BS and Public Health, MPH

joint degree: Community Health, BS and Epidemiology, MPH

joint degree: Kinesiology, BS and Public Health, MPH

joint degree: Kinesiology, BS and Epidemiology, MPH

joint degree: Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, BS & Epidemiology, MPH

Graduate Programs:

degree: Kinesiology, MS

degree: Kinesiology, PhD

degree: Community Health, MS

degree: Rehabilitation, MS

degree: Public Health, MPH

joint degree: Community Health, BS and Public Health, MPH

joint degree: Kinesiology, BS and Public Health, MPH

The Community Health Program at the University of Illinois prepares students in the ever changing world of health care and health behavior as practitioners and offers three concentrations at the undergraduate level: Health Education & Promotion, Health Planning & Administration, and Rehabilitation Studies. All curricula are built on a foundation of general education courses which emphasize communication skills and critical thinking. The Professional Core courses are designed to help students develop skills in planning, implementation, and evaluation in the context of health services and programs. Students must complete an internship during their senior year in a setting related to the degree and their interests. Recent internship sites have included the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, hospitals, nursing homes, fitness centers, work site health education programs, and substance abuse prevention centers.

Further information is available from the Academic Affairs Office, Department of Kinesiology and Community Health, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1206 S. Fourth Street, 2021 Khan Annex, Huff Hall, Champaign, IL 61820, (217) 333-2307.

A 5 year BS MPH joint degree program is available for students majoring in Community Health, I-Health, or Kinesiology. Students apply for the program in the latter part of their third year (junior year) of study. Students accepted into the BS MPH joint degree program take 12 credit hours of coursework in their senior year that apply to both BS and MPH degrees. In the 5th year of study, students complete the remaining requirements for the MPH degree, and graduate simultaneously with both BS and MPH degrees. A summary of the requirements for the MPH degree is provided here. The requirements are explained in more detail on the MPH program website:

for the Bachelor of Science Major in Community Health, Health Education & Promotion Concentration


The Community Health Program requires certain courses from the approved lists be taken as noted below. The prescribed courses prepare the student for upper division study and may be used to satisfy General Education Requirements provided they are on the appropriate General Education List.

A total of 128 hours is required for a degree in Community Health with all the above requirements met.  There will be range of electives a student will be able to take depending on the general education number of hours.

General Education 

Communication Arts
Composition I and an approved speech performance course; or CMN 111 and CMN 112 6-7
Advanced Composition (CHLH 304 fulfills requirement) 3-4
Quantitative Reasoning I & II
From approved campus list (must include a course in statistics from approved campus list) (CHLH 244 and CHLH 421 fulfills requirement)6
Humanities and the Arts
From approved campus list (CHLH 260 fulfills 3 hours of requirement)9
Social and Behavioral Sciences
From approved campus list 9
Natural Sciences and Technology
From approved campus list 9
Cultural Studies 1
One course from Non-Western Cultures approved campus list.3
One course from U.S. Minority Cultures approved campus list3
One course from Western Cultures approved campus list 3
Foreign Language: Completion through the third level of the same language in high school or college
Total Hours51-53
Community Health Program Core Requirements
CHLH 100Contemporary Health3
CHLH 125Orientation KIN & Comm Health1
CHLH 201Public Health Research Methods3
CHLH 210Community Health Organizations2
CHLH 250Health Care Systems3
CHLH 274Introduction to Epidemiology3
CHLH 304Foundations of Health Behavior4
CHLH 410Public Health Practice4
CHLH 421Health Data Analysis3
Kinesiology and Community Health Department Core Requirements
CHLH 101Introduction to Public Health3
KIN 122Physical Activity and Health3
Correlate Areas (see Correlates List Tab)18
Each student completes correlates that are planned with the assigned advisor. These courses are designed to enhance and support career goals.
Concentration Requirements18
Total Hours128

Concentration Requirements

FSHN 120Contemporary Nutrition3
CHLH 200Mental Health2
CHLH 206Human Sexuality2
CHLH 243Drug Use and Abuse2
CHLH 380Orientation to Internship1
CHLH 485Community Health Internship8

Correlates Choices

Community Health Correlates Core

Undergraduate Open Seminar
Undergraduate Open Seminar (Campus Acquaintance Rape Education)
Undergraduate Open Seminar (Intro to the Health Services)
Introduction to Medical Ethics
Introduction to Aging
Disability in American Society
Tomorrow's Environment
Health Promotion Practicum
Civic Engagement in Wellness
Special Projects
Disability, Culture & Society
Women's Health
International Health
Exercise & Health Psychology
Organization of Health Care
Environmental Health
Immigration, Health & Society
Special Topics

If you are a Health Education or Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, these count:

Health Services Financing
Health Planning
Health Administration

AHS Courses
Communications, Aging, Disability Studies, Experience Learning, Diversity and Administration

AHS 399Advanced Open Seminar1 to 6
KIN 230Diversity in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism3
KIN 247Intro to Sport Psychology3
KIN 249Sport & Modern Society3
KIN 268Children's Movement3
KIN 340Social & Psychological Aspects of Physical Activity3
KIN 345Sport and Society3
KIN 375Comm Partners & Health3
KIN 385Exper in Kinesiology Research3
KIN 386Exercise Instruction & Elderly3
KIN 387Exper in the Agency Setting3
KIN 442Body, Culture & Society3 or 4
KIN 448Exercise & Health Psychology3 or 4
KIN 459Physical Activity & Aging3 or 4
RST 200Leadership in Recreation, Sport and Tourism2
RST 218Entrepreneurship3
RST 225Environmental Politics & Policy3
RST 230Diversity in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism3
RST 255Ethical Issues in Recreation, Sport and Tourism2
RST 316Human Development and Recreation, Sport and Tourism3
RST 325Marketing in Recreation, Sport and Tourism3
RST 340Facility Management in Recreation, Sport and Tourism3
REHB 330Disability in American Society3
REHB 401Introduction to Rehabilitation4
REHB 407Disability, Culture & Society3 or 4
REHB 402Medical Aspects of Disability4
REHB 419Counseling Psychology Pre-Practicum2 to 4
REHB 435Work and Disability2
SOC 270Global Demography3
SHS 120Child, Comm, & Lang Ability3
SHS 121American Sign Language I4
SHS 170Intro Hum Comm Sys & Disorders3
SHS 221American Sign Language II4
SHS 222Language & Culture of Deaf Communities3
SHS 270Comm Disability in the Media4
SHS 271Communication and Aging3
SHS 321American Sign Language III4
SHS 352Hearing Health and Society3

Pre Health: M.D., O.D., O.T., P.T., P.A., Dentistry, Optometry, Chiropractor, Etc.

IB 104Animal Biology4
IB 204Genetics3 or 4
MCB 100Introductory Microbiology3
MCB 244Human Anatomy & Physiology I3
MCB 245Human Anat & Physiol Lab I2
MCB 246Human Anatomy & Physiology II3
MCB 247Human Anat & Physiol Lab II2
MCB 250Molecular Genetics3
MCB 300Microbiology3
MCB 450Introductory Biochemistry3
CHEM 232Elementary Organic Chemistry I3 or 4
CHEM 233Elementary Organic Chem Lab I2
CHEM 332Elementary Organic Chem II4
CHEM 360Chemistry of the Environment3
PHYS 101College Physics: Mech & Heat5
PHYS 101College Physics: Mech & Heat5
PHYS 102College Physics: E&M & Modern5
CLCV 102Medical Terms-GRK & LAT Roots3

Communications, Promotions, Public Relations & Leadership

ADV 150Introduction to Advertising3
ADV 310Intro to Public Relations3
ADV 410Public Relations Strategies3
AGCM 270Ag Sales and Persuasive Communication3
AGCM 320Public Information Campaigns4
AGED 220Prog Del in Ag & Leadership Ed3
AGED 230
AGED 260
AGED 380
AGED 430Youth Development Programs3 or 4
BTW 250Principles Bus Comm3
CMN 211Business and Professional Communication3
CMN 212Intro to Organizational Comm3
CMN 213Small Group Communication3
CMN 220Communicating Public Policy3
CMN 230Intro to Interpersonal Comm3
CMN 232Intro to Intercultural Comm3
CMN 260Intro to Health Communication3
CMN 280Comm Technology & Society3
CMN 336Family Communication3
CMN 368Sexual Communication3
CMN 377Propaganda and Modern Society3
CMN 410Workplace Comm Technology3 or 4
CMN 424Campaigning to Win3 or 4
CMN 435Adv Interpersonal Comm3 or 4
CMN 462Interpersonal Health Comm3 or 4
CMN 463Organizational Health Comm3 or 4
CMN 464Health Communication Campaigns3 or 4
CMN 465Social Marketing3 or 4
CMN 467Communication & Health Equity3 or 4
EDPR 250School & Community Experiences0 to 4
ENG 315Learning in Community3
IHLT 230Leadership in Health3
IHLT 232Health Disparities in the U.S.3
IHLT 240Aging and Health Policy3
IHLT 375Interdis Collab in Health Serv4
LAW 199Undergraduate Open Seminar1 to 3
LAW 301Introduction to Law2 or 3
LAW 302Transitional Justice3
PS 220Intro to Public Policy3

Accounting, Economics & Human Resources

Fundamentals of Accounting
Accounting and Accountancy I
Accounting and Accountancy II
Environmental Economics
Personal Financial Planning
Economics of Food and Environmental Justice
The Legal Environment of Bus
Mgmt and Organizational Beh
Principles of Marketing
Intro Computing: Non-Tech
Inter Microeconomic Theory
Corporate Finance
Intro to Wealth Management
Diversity in the Workplace
Supervised Internship

Human Factors

Economics of Food and Environmental Justice
Race and Cultural Diversity
Race, Science, and Medicine
Urban Communities & Public Pol
World Animal Resources
The Science of Pets and How to Care for Them
Companion Animals in Society
Epidemics and Infectious Diseases
Human Animal Interactions
Companion Animal Management
Talking Culture
Forensic Science
Serving Children in Schools and the Community
Foundations of Education
Race and Cultural Diversity
Racial and Ethnic Families
School & Community Experiences
Educational Psychology
Exploring Cultural Diversity
Career Theory and Practice
Language & Culture of Deaf Communities
Child Development in Education
Sociocultural Influence on Learning
The Science of Food and How it Relates to You
Principles of Nutrition
NonMajors Food Microbiology
Geography of Health Care
Global Health
Global Human Rights
Global Health: Policy & Governance
Ethnic Conflict
Global Health: Interventions & Evaluations
Gender, Relationshps & Society
Gender, Health & Pop Culture
GWS 366Feminist Disability Studies3
HDFS 120Intro to Family Studies3
HDFS 140Intro Gender & Women's Studies3
HDFS 208Child Fam with Special Needs3
HDFS 220Families in Global Perspective3
HDFS 221Asian Families in America3
HDFS 225Close Relationships3
HDFS 259Motor Development and Control3
HDFS 261Self-Help Group Dev & Process3
HDFS 262Motor Develop, Growth & Form3
HDFS 290Intro to Research Methods4
HDFS 301Infancy & Early Childhood4
HDFS 408Hospitalized Children3 or 4
HDFS 420Inequality, Public Policy, and U.S. Families3 or 4
HDFS 424Racial and Ethnic Families2 to 4
HDFS 426Family Conflict Management3 or 4
HIST 483Race, Science, and Medicine3 or 4
INFO 202Social Aspects Info Tech3
IS 418Community Engagement3 or 4
LLS 473Immigration, Health & Society3 or 4
PSYC 201Intro to Social Psych3
PSYC 210Behavioral Neuroscience3
PSYC 216Child Psych3
PSYC 238Psychopathology and Problems in Living3
PSYC 239Community Psych3
PSYC 340Community Projects4
PSYC 361The Psychology of Aging3
PSYC 451Neurobio of Aging0 to 4
PSYC 455Organizational Psych2 to 4
PSYC 465Personality and Soc Dev3 or 4
SOC 162Intro to Intl Health Policy3
SOC 179Social Organization3
SOC 196Issues in Sociology3
SOC 202Sexualities3
SOC 270Global Demography3
SOC 274Health, Illness and Society3
SOC 275Criminology3
SOC 310Sociology of Deviance3
SOC 373Social Inequality3
SOC 473Immigration, Health & Society3 or 4
SOC 478Geography of Health Care3 or 4
SOCW 200Introduction to Social Work3
SOCW 240Death & Dying3
SOCW 297Asian Families in America3
SOCW 300Diversity: Identities & Issues3
SOCW 315Social Work Services for Older Adults3
SOCW 321Social Entre & Social Change3
SOCW 360Social Work and the Military3
SOCW 420Subst Use in Social Context3
SOCW 473Immigration, Health & Society3 or 4
SPED 117The Culture of Disability3
SPED 322Introduction to Intellectual Disability3
SPED 432Multiple Disabilities3
SPED 438Collaborating with Families3 or 4
TSM 422Ag Health-Illnesses Prevention3
UP 260Social Inequality and Planning3
UP 340Planning for Healthy Cities3
UP 423Community Development in the Global South4
UP 438Disasters and Urban Planning4

Technology Skills

ACE 161Microcomputer Applications3
BTW 220Desktop Publishing and Design2