Recreation, Sport & Tourism, BS

for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Recreation, Sport & Tourism

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The Recreation, Sport & Tourism, BS degree program includes a set of three concentrations, of which a student must complete at least one:

Recreation Management Concentration

Sports Management Concentration

Tourism Management Concentration

The Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism (RST) originated at the University of Illinois in 1940. Today, this program continues to rank nationally among the top three in the field, and takes pride in producing a large number of exceptional professionals. The Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism offers a bachelor of science degree with three areas of concentration: recreation management, sport management, and tourism management. The curriculum prepares students to design, manage, and deliver RST services to a variety of populations in diverse settings and provides a firm foundation from which students may pursue graduate studies. A broad general education is emphasized and complemented with a core of professional courses. Beyond a strong core integrating theory, management, and research, the program allows students to focus on a major market segment within the RST field by choosing an area of concentration. A total of 128 hours is needed for graduation. For further information, contact the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism,  219 Huff Hall, 1206 S. Fourth Street, Champaign, IL 61820, (217) 333-4410.

Internship Program

All students in the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism must satisfactorily complete the Internship Program prior to graduation. The program is designed to augment formal classroom instruction with active experiential learning under the guidance of a university and an agency-based supervisor.

The program consists of two courses (RST 480 and RST 485).  Students register for RST 480 after completing a series of required RST courses. During this semester, students make final arrangements for completing RST 485 the following semester.

The RST 485 Internship is taken after the student satisfactorily completes all required RST course work, including RST 480. RST 485 is completed with agencies that are approved by the department and contracted for this program. Since a limited number of assignments are available in the campus area, most students look forward to the opportunity of an off-campus assignment. Students have been placed across the United States and abroad.