Media & Cinema Studies, BS

for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Media & Cinema Studies

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MEDIA AND CINEMA STUDIES (MACS), prepares students with dynamic skills for careers in media, information, creative, and visual industries, as well as informed interaction with everyday media technologies. Majors have the opportunity to participate in original research, mixed media production, internships, study abroad, and public engagement through a transformative learning environment. 

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major: Media & Cinema Studies, BS

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for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Media & Cinema Studies

To graduate from the media and cinema studies curriculum, a student must meet all general University and College requirements for the degree and must complete the following courses, all of which must be taken for a traditional letter grade:

To graduate from the Media and Cinema Studies curriculum, a student must meet all general University and College requirements for the degree, and must complete the following courses including a minimum of 40 hours at the 300-level or above, all of which must be taken for a traditional letter grade:

Core Curriculum16
MACS 203Contemporary Movies3
MACS 264Creative and Information Economies4
MACS 317Media History3
MACS 320Popular Culture3
MACS 351Social Aspects of Media3
MACS 499Senior Project0
Thematic Areas15
Students must take 5 additional courses in at least 2 of the following thematic areas. In addition, students can declare a specialization by taking 4 courses in 1 thematic area or by completing the requirements of a related certificate program. For a list of courses in each area, see
Cinema Studies
Media Industries & Cultures
Difference & Power
Science, Technology, and Visualization
Global Media and Cinema
Sports Media
Media Making, Design and Research
Courses in the College of Media36
Students must earn at least 36 hours in the College of Media. Remaining hours are completed with ADV, JOUR, MACS, or MDIA electives.
Required Area of Study or Minor Outside the College of Media9
In addition to the courses in the major plan described above, students must complete 9 hours in an approved area outside the College of Media. Approved areas include: African American Studies; American Indian Studies; Anthropology; Art History; Asian American Studies; Business Administration; Communication; Computer Science; Creative Writing; Economics; Food Science and Human Nutrition; Gender and Women's Studies; History; Kinesiology and Community Health; Latina/o Studies; Linguistics; Literature; Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences; Non-English Languages; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Recreation, Sport and Tourism; Regional Area Studies; or Sociology. A university-approved minor may substitute for this requirement. Courses may, if they qualify, also count toward the requirement for advanced hours outside of the College.
Advanced Hours Requirement20
At least 20 hours in courses numbered 200 or above. These courses must be outside and not cross-listed with the College of Media. At least 9 of the 20 hours must be in courses numbered 300 and above.
Total hours required for graduation124

This sample sequence is intended to be used only as a guide for degree completion. All students should work individually with their academic advisors to decide the actual course selection and sequence that works best for them based on their academic preparation and goals. Enrichment programming such as study abroad, minors, internships, and so on may impact the structure of this four-year plan. Course availability is not guaranteed during the semester indicated in the sample sequence.

Students must fulfill their Language Other Than English requirement by successfully completing a third level of a language other than English. This may require up to three semesters of language depending on high school coursework or placement. See the corresponding section on the Degree General and Education Requirements page:

First Year
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
MACS 2033MACS Thematic course3
MDIA 1001General education course or Composition I3-4
Composition I or General Education course4-3General Education course3
General Education course3General Education course3
Elective or Language Other Than English (3rd level)4-3Elective3
 14 16
Second Year
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
MACS 2644MACS Thematic course3
General Education course3Media elective3
General Education course3General Education course3
Elective3General Education course3
 16 15
Third Year
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
MACS 3173MACS 3203
MACS Thematic course3MACS Thematic course3
Area of Specialization course3Area of Specialization course3
 15 18
Fourth Year
First SemesterHoursSecond SemesterHours
MACS 3513MACS 4990
Media elective3MACS Thematic course3
Area of Specialization course3Elective3
 15 15
Total Hours 124

Media Electives are any non-required ADV, JOUR, MACS, or MDIA course.