Studio Art: Printmaking, BASA

for the Bachelor of Arts Major in Studio Art, Printmaking Concentration

contact: Mark Avery

office: 140 Art and Design Building, Champaign, IL 61820


phone: (217) 333-6632

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for the Bachelor of Arts Major in Studio Art, Painting Concentration

Foundation Requirements17
Arts at Illinois
Art, Design, and Society
Contemporary Issues in Art
Choose one Drawing Course (3 hours):
Observational Drawing
Expressive Drawing
Visualization Drawing
Choose one course in 2D Category (3 hours):
Introduction to Graphic Design
The Image World
Introduction to Printmaking
Beginning Painting
Choose one course in 3D Category (3 hours):
Introduction to Industrial Design
Crafts Design
Beginning Sculpture
Choose one course in 4D Category (3 hours):
Image Practice
Time Arts I
Interaction I
Art History Requirements12
Introduction to the History of Art and Visual Culture
Select one additional 100-level and two 200-level and above ARTH courses
General Education Requirements by Category
Advanced Composition (ACP)3
Cultural Studies: Non-Western Cultures, U.S. Minority Culture(s), Western/Comparative Cultures (CNW, USM, CW)9
Composition I (Comp. I)4
Humanities & the Arts (HUM)6
Natural Sciences & Technology (NAT)6
Quantitative Reasoning (QR)6
Social & Behavioral Sciences (SBS)6
Total Hours40
Total Credits for BA Studio Arts
Foundation Requirements17
Art History Requirements12
Concentration Requirements 116
General Education Requirements40
Language Requirement 2
Electives to bring the total hours earned to 122, including a minimum of 40 credits at the 300- or 400-level.37
Total Hours122
ARTS 205Introduction to Printmaking 13
ARTS 250Life Drawing3
ARTS 392Current Art Issues Seminar3
ARTS 405Special Topics in Printmaking3
ARTS 448BASA Capstone Project4
Choose one of the following:
ARTS 399Internship in Studio Arts (with advisor consent)1 to 4
ARTS 499Special Topics in Studio Art1 to 4
ARTS 455Advanced Painting3
ARTS 454Advanced Drawing3
Total Hours16