Theatre: Sound Design & Technology, BFA

for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Theatre, Sound Design & Technology Concentration

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Division of Design, Technology, and Management

Students planning careers in costume design and construction, lighting design, scenic design, scenic technology, sound design and technology, and stage management are selected for for the options in this division by a process of faculty evaluation at the end of their first year of study in the department. Criteria for acceptance and continuance in these options include satisfactory completion of all course work in the first and second years, potential for professional-caliber work, commitment to theatre, and the necessary discipline for intensive study and practice. Students in these options are assigned to teams that design, mount, and manage more than fifteen productions annually in the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.

for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Theatre, Sound Design & Technology Concentration

Minimum hours required for graduation: 128 hours.

General Education Requirements for all University Students

Composition I4
Advanced Composition (fulfilled by THEA 261)
Quantitative Reasoning, I and II6
Foreign Language0-12
General Education18
Humanities and the Arts (fulfilled by THEA 102 and THEA 261)
Natural Sciences and Technology (6 hours)
Social and Behavioral Sciences (6 hours)
Cultural Studies (U.S. Minority, Western, and non-Western Cultures) (9 hours)
General non-Theatre Electives9
Open Electives11-14
Total Hours48-51

Core Requirements for all Theatre Majors

THEA 102Text to Stage 14
THEA 103Survey of Theatre Production4
THEA 170Fundamentals of Acting I 13
THEA 125Graphic Skills 13
or THEA 175 Fundamentals of Acting II
THEA 20821st Century American Dramaturgy3
THEA 262Literature of Modern Theatre3
THEA 360History of Theatre I4
THEA 361History of Theatre II4
Total Hours28

Sound Design & Technology Concentration

THEA 100Practicum I5
THEA 400Practicum IV8
THEA 126Stagecraft3
THEA 199Undergraduate Open Seminar2
THEA 222Introduction to Scenic Design3
THEA 223Introduction to Stage Rigging4
THEA 231Intro to Lighting Design3
THEA 391Individual Topics2
THEA 425Stage Drafting3
THEA 446Costume History and Design II2
THEA 451Principles of Stage Management4
THEA 453Introduction to Theatre Sound3
THEA 454Sound Design I3
THEA 455Sound Design II2
THEA 459Sound Systems2
THEA 456Properties Design2
Total Hours51