Computer Science + Music, BS

for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Music

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The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Music (CS + Music) is designed for students who plan to pursue a career in music technology, as well as students who want to push the state-of-the-art in music composition and explore new avenues of expression. This degree will prepare students for advanced study at the graduate level for many existing programs in music and audio technology, as well as equip them with the proper skills to successfully join and lead a vibrant workforce centered around the creation and distribution of entertainment media through constantly evolving technological platforms.

The CS + Music curriculum provides a broad knowledge of the theory, design, and application of computer systems integrated with the theory, history, and application of music. The curriculum is formed around courses in music, mathematics, science, and computation. Advanced coursework includes either a senior thesis or a senior project. A minimum of 120 hours is required for graduation.

For admission requirements for the Bachelor of Science in CS + Music, please see the School of Music's Admissions website (listed above) or contact the Music Admissions Office:

Music Admissions Office
School of Music
1114 West Nevada Street
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 244-7899

for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Music

Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours

Orientation to Arts at Illinois
FAA 101Arts at Illinois1
General Education Requirements
Composition I4
Advanced Composition3
Humanities and the Arts 16
Cultural Studies: Western/Comparative Culture(s)3
Cultural Studies: Non-Western Culture(s)3
Cultural Studies: U.S. Minority Culture(s)3
Natural Sciences and Technology6
Social and Behavioral Sciences6
Quantitative Reasoning I and II 36
Foreign Language0-12
Total Hours41-53

Music Core Coursework

Music Theory and Musicianship
MUS 101Music Theory and Practice I2
MUS 102Music Theory and Practice II2
MUS 201Music Theory and Practice III2
MUS 107Musicianship I2
MUS 108Musicianship II2
MUS 207Musicianship III2
MUS 208Musicianship IV1
MUS 110Introd Art Mus: Intl Perspect2
MUS 313The History of Music I 13
MUS 314The History of Music II 13
Performance Studies 2
MUS 172Grp Instr Pno for Mus Major I2
MUS 173Grp Instr Pno for Mus Maj II2
Total Hours25

CS + Music Core Coursework

MUS 105Computation and Music I2
MUS 205Computation and Music II2
MUS 299Thesis/Adv UG Honors in Music1 or 2
MUS 404Contemp Compos Techniques3
or MUS 448 Computer Music
MUS 407Elect Music Techniques I3
MUS 409Elec Music Techniques II2
Advanced Music Theory3
Advanced Musicology3
Senior Project or Senior Thesis
Computer Science
CS 125Introduction to Computer Science 34
CS 126Software Design Studio3
CS 173Discrete Structures3
CS 225Data Structures 34
CS 233Computer Architecture4
CS 241System Programming4
CS 361Probability & Statistics for Computer Science 43
CS 374Introduction to Algorithms & Models of Computation4
CS 421Programming Languages & Compilers3
CS 498Special Topics (Audio Signal Processing)3
ECE 402Electronic Music Synthesis3
MATH 220Calculus 54 or 5
or MATH 221 Calculus I
MATH 231Calculus II3
MATH 225Introductory Matrix Theory2
Total Hours66-68