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for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in Integrative Biology

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The Integrative Biology major provides students with a solid preparation in genetics, evolution, anatomy, physiology, ecology, and molecular biology. After completion of the foundational 100- and core 200-300-level courses in IB, students complete the required advanced coursework by taking a variety of IB and other courses or focusing on a limited area of IB. Plans for the student's combination of advanced courses are developed in consultation with an adviser.

All undergraduates in this field are required to have a strong background in the biological and physical sciences. Students who do not begin mathematics, chemistry, and biology in their freshman year generally will be at a disadvantage.

Students pursuing a degree in Integrative Biology will be allowed to earn a second degree in the Specialized Curriculum in Biochemistry. Students pursuing a degree in Integrative Biology will not be allowed to double major in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Minimum Required Courses normally equate to 66-76 hours.

General Education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement.

Minimum Hours Required for Graduation: 120 hours

Integrative Biology Distinction: To be eligible for distinction a student must graduate with a grade-point average of at least 3.25 and submit a report of an independent student project (IB 490) about two months prior to graduation for approval by the Integrative Biology Distinction Committee.  For additional information visit:

MATH 220Calculus 14-5
or MATH 221 Calculus I
STAT 212Biostatistics3
Select one group of courses:8-10
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry Lab I
General Chemistry II
General Chemistry Lab II
Accelerated Chemistry I
Accelerated Chemistry Lab I
Accelerated Chemistry II
Accelerated Chemistry Lab II
Select one group of courses:5-6
Elementary Organic Chemistry I
and Elementary Organic Chem Lab I
Fundamental Organic Chem I
and Structure and Synthesis
Select one group of courses:8-10
College Physics: Mech & Heat
and College Physics: E&M & Modern
University Physics: Mechanics
and University Physics: Elec & Mag
IB 150Organismal & Evolutionary Biol4
MCB 150Molec & Cellular Basis of Life4
IB 202Physiology 24
IB 203Ecology4
IB 204Genetics 34
IB 302Evolution4
At least 14 hours of coursework from the Approve List of Advanced Courses for IB majors, including:14
At least one course from two of the following three areas:
Area I: Organismal and Evolutionary Biology
Area II: Behavior, Ecology, and the Environment
Area III: Integrative Anatomy, Physiology, and Molecular Biology
One advanced course with a laboratory and/or field component.