Jazz Performance, BMUS

for the degree of Bachelor of Music Major in Jazz Performance

department website: https://music.illinois.edu

department faculty: Music Faculty

college catalog page: Fine & Applied Arts

college website: https://faa.illinois.edu/

Students majoring in jazz performance may do so with piano, double bass, saxophone/clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion, guitar, or voice as the major instrument.

for the degree of Bachelor of Music Major in Jazz Performance

Minimum required major and supporting course work: Third- and fourth-year students must present satisfactory public junior and senior recitals as part of the requirements for the Bachelor of Music degree in jazz performance. All students must successfully complete one semester of Conducting, MUS 242.

General Education and College Orientation 

Orientation to Arts at Illinois
FAA 101Arts at Illinois1
General Education Requirements
Composition I4
Advanced Composition3
Humanities and the Arts - fulfilled by MUS 313 and MUS 3146
Cultural Studies: Western/Comparative Culture(s) 3
Cultural Studies: Non-Western Culture(s)3
Cultural Studies: US Minority Culture(s) 3
Social and Behavioral Sciences6
Quantitative Reasoning I and II 6
Natural Sciences and Technology 6
Foreign Language 10-12
Total Hours 241-53

 Music Core and Jazz Performance Coursework   

Music Theory and Musicianship
MUS 101Music Theory and Practice I2
MUS 102Music Theory and Practice II2
MUS 201
MUS 202
Music Theory and Practice III
and Music Theory and Practice IV
MUS 202Music Theory and Practice IV2
MUS 107Musicianship I2
MUS 108Musicianship II2
MUS 207Musicianship III2
MUS 208Musicianship IV1
Advanced Music Theory6
MUS 110Introd Art Mus: Intl Perspect2
MUS 313The History of Music I 13
MUS 314The History of Music II3
Advanced Musicology6
Performance Studies
Applied music lessons 216
Jazz Ensemble 38
MUS 172Grp Instr Pno for Mus Major I 42
MUS 173Grp Instr Pno for Mus Maj II 42
MUS 242Elements of Conducting2
Jazz Studies
MUS 163Jazz Keyboard Studies I2
MUS 164Jazz Keyboard Studies II2
MUS 360Jazz Improv:Theory and Prac I2
MUS 361Jazz Improv:Theory and Prac II2
MUS 362Jazz Arranging I3
MUS 363Jazz Arranging II3
MUS 364Jazz Composition I2
MUS 365Jazz Composition II2
MUS 368Jazz Improvisation Styles I2
MUS 369Jazz Improvisation Styles II2
MUS 435Jazz Aural Skills I2
MUS 436Jazz Aural Skills II 52
Junior Recital
Senior Recital
Electives as needed to total 130 hours
Total Hours required for graduation130