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Students pursuing this major choose one of the following concentrations:

General Studio Art Concentration
New Media Concentration
Painting Concentration
Printmaking Concentration
Sculpture Concentration

The Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art (with concentrations) focuses on the study of art, design, and art history in the context of a broader program of general study offered by the diverse research and teaching activities across the University of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign campus. It differs from the Bachelor of Fine Arts in that it offers students rigorous education in studio art while permitting them time to pursue studies in other areas, with a significant part of the educational experience occurring in areas outside the studio. Students choose from courses that will lead to concentrations in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, New Media, or (general) Studio Art. These options permit students to experience a broad range of media practices or to focus on media-specific credits. Concentrations will be noted on the student’s degree, indicating a level of expertise in a particular sub-discipline that will be useful in the pursuit of advanced study or in employment opportunities where particular material skills are needed.

Foundation courses for the BA in Studio Art introduce basic materials and conceptual approaches to making art, using traditional media including drawing and painting, printmaking, clay, plaster, wood and metal, to code, digital imaging, interactive media, and time-based applications. By incorporating new and traditional strategies and technologies students will understand visual organization and communication in 2D (artworks in two dimensions, such as drawing, painting or printmaking), 3D (artworks in three dimensions, such as sculpture and installation), and 4D (artworks of a time-based nature, such as,video and performance art).

The advanced BA Studio Art student can look forward to a changing menu of courses on a variety of topics, taught by a diverse faculty with expertise in a wide variety of conceptual, material and technical strategies for making art. The BA Studio Art’s curriculum offerings are designed to reflect an increasingly dynamic culture and provide students with experiences and skills that promote adaptability after graduation.

BA Studio Art students are provided with individual studio spaces housed in a communal studio building, where they pursue a self-selected studio practice. The communal studio configuration provides the geography for a strong, vibrant community of student-artists working together as they establish their focus and participate in exhibitions, performances, and critiques.