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for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in Spanish

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Undergraduate degree programs in Spanish & Portuguese

Spanish, BALAS

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5 Year BALAS/MA in Spanish and European Union Studies - In addition to our 4 year BALAS programs, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese with the European Union Center offers a 5-year BALAS /MA degree program in Spanish and the Master of Arts in European Union Studies (MAEUS). In order to be admitted to this degree program, students apply through a joint application process to their BALAS-granting program and the European Union Center during their third year of studies. Requirements for this degree program are identical to those for the stand-alone BALAS and for the stand-alone MAEUS. Students will receive both degrees when the requirements are met for the degrees; the BALAS and MA degrees will be conferred separately and independently. More detailed information may be obtained from department and EUC offices.

for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in Spanish

A Major Plan of Study Form must be completed and submitted to the Student Affairs Office before the end of the fourth semester (48-60 hours). Please see your adviser.

Departmental distinction: To be considered for departmental distinction, a student must maintain a 3.5 grade point average and fulfill special additional requirements. See the department's honors adviser.

General education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement.

Minimum required major and supporting course work: equates to 48 hours, including 33 hours in Spanish courses at the 200-level or higher. 

Twelve hours of 300- and 400-level in the major must be taken on this campus.

Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours.

33 hours of SPAN courses 133
Spanish Composition
4 to 6 200-level SPAN courses
4 to 6 300- and/or 400-level SPAN courses
Supporting course work, a minor, or a second major in an area of study chosen by the student and approved by the advisor. 215-21
Total Hours48-54