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for the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Dance

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The BFA curriculum in dance is an intensive program of study for the dedicated student, offering coursework in the areas of technique, composition, and performance. The curriculum also includes requirements in production, improvisation, music theory and literature for dance, teaching, history, movement sciences, and repertory. Electives may be taken in additional ballet and modern classes, tap, jazz, improvisation, contact improvisation, global dance forms, yoga, Alexander Technique, partnering and Laban movement analysis, Labanotation, screendance, choreographer-composer workshop, dance technology, and independent study.

Program requirements include core daily technique classes consisting of three modern and two ballet classes per week each semester in residence, plus elective technique classes for a minimum of one additional credit hour per semester. A minimum of two courses in additional dance forms (jazz, tap, world dance, etc.) is required. Majors must achieve the advanced technical level in modern and the intermediate level in ballet for a minimum of two semesters prior to graduation. The improvisation/composition sequence consists of a minimum of 11 hours of studio courses culminating in the performance of a senior choreographic project. A minimum of 6 hours of credit is required in performance/repertory courses. The curriculum includes as much as 20 hours of credit in professional electives, which may be taken in professional dance courses and/or related arts and sciences.

Evaluation of majors is an ongoing process. Continued enrollment in the program is contingent upon satisfactory performance. A student is expected to maintain a minimum 2.75 grade point average in all professional course work and a 3.0 cumulative average in studio classes in order to remain in good standing in the department.

It is possible for transfer students to complete degree requirements in a three-year period contingent upon prior completion of general education requirements and the fulfillment of the advanced technique requirement for two semesters prior to graduation.

A total of 130 hours is required for this degree.

for the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Dance

Minimum hours for graduation: 130 hours.

General Education Requirements
Composition I4-6
Advanced Composition3-4
Humanities & the Arts6-8
Social & Behavioral Sciences6-8
Cultural Studies: Non-Western Cultures3-4
Cultural Studies: U.S. Minority Cultures3-4
Cultural Studies: Western/Comparative Culture(s)3-4
Natural Sciences & Technology6-10
Quantitative Reasoning6-9
The Language Requirement may be satisfied by:
-Successfully completing a third-semester college-level course in a language other than English;
-Successful completion, in high school, of the third year of a language other than English; or
-Demonstrating proficiency at the third-semester level in a language proficiency examination approved by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the appropriate department.
Foundation Courses4
FAA 101Arts at Illinois1
DANC 150The Green Room (variable & repeatable)3
Physical Practice27
DANC 160Dancing Techniques I (variable & repeatable)4
DANC 245Mindful Movement (repeatable)2
DANC 256Choreographic Laboratory I1
DANC 260Dancing Techniques II (variable & repeatable)5
DANC 270Dancing in Community I & II (repeatable)3
DANC 360Dancing Techniques III (variable & repeatable)3
DANC 460Dancing Techniques IV (variable & repeatable)4
Pick from the following Physical Practice electives:5
Lyric Theatre Dance
Musical Theater Dance
Dancing Techniques Elective
Choreographic Laboratory II
Physical Practice Study Abroad
Dancing in Community III & IV
Creative Practice8
DANC 259Dance Improvisation I2
DANC 262Choreographic Process I2
DANC 362Choreographic Process II (repeatable)4
DANC 220Undergraduate Performance Practice (variable & repeatable)4
DANC 232Repertory Company (repeatable)4
Choose from the following:
Production Practicum I
Production Practicum II
Production Practicum III
Production Practicum IV
DANC 162Viewing Dance1
DANC 240Context4
DANC 345Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology3
DANC 350Teaching Dance4
DANC 441Dance History Seminar3
DANC 495Senior Career Seminar (repeatable)2
Course in School of Art + Design, School of Music, or Theatre Department3
DANC 375Thesis Think Tank1
DANC 498BFA Thesis Production2
DANC 499BFA Thesis Project2
Focused Electives5-7
Focused electives, chosen in consultation with an advisor. Additional courses in dance such as technique, mindful movement, performance, study abroad credit, collaborative performance, or coursework in performance/performance studies in the departments of Theater or Media & Cinema Studies or the Schools of Music or Art and Design.
Electives as needed to reach a minimum of 130 hours
Total Hours for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance130