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for the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art Major in Studio Art

school office: 143 Art and Design Building, Champaign, IL 61820

contact: Mark Avery, Coordinator of Undergraduate Academic Affairs

phone: (217) 333-6632

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The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art (BFASA) at the University of Illinois offers students unprecedented flexibility in determining their own courses and topics of study, engaging in a diverse, innovative curriculum. In response to a rapidly changing world in which artists and designers are constantly presented with new tools, platforms, topics, strategies and venues for exhibition, publication, performance and other types of cultural work, the BFASA prepares students for the workplaces of the future. The BFASA is designed to equip graduates with the skills necessary to not only create artwork, but to communicate, think critically and creatively, and gain experience in a broad range of topics that will prepare them as innovative artists and as global citizens. Students will navigate a dynamic curriculum that is responsive to current trends in art, culture and creativity. It encourages new, interdisciplinary initiatives and fosters collaboration and research at the undergraduate level within the context of a premier research university.

The BFASA at Illinois begins with basic material and technological tools and concepts in a variety of studio courses. Students are guided in the understanding of visual organization and communication in two, three, and four dimensions by utilizing both new and traditional technologies and strategies. Foundation courses introduce basic material and conceptual approaches to making art, using media from traditional disciplines including drawing and painting, printmaking, clay, plaster, wood and metal, to code, digital imaging, interactive media, and time-based applications.

At the intermediate and advanced levels, curriculum offerings are designed to reflect an increasingly dynamic culture, and to provide students with experiences and skills that will enhance their adaptability. A changing menu of courses on a variety of topics is taught by a faculty with expertise in a wide variety of conceptual, material and technical strategies for making art.

BFASA students are provided individual studio spaces, where they develop a self-directed practice, housed in a communal studio building. The studio configuration provides the stage for a strong, vibrant community of student-artists working together as they establish their interests and participate in exhibitions, performances, and critiques.
The capstone experience is the BFASA Thesis course, in which students develop an individually determined body of work based on their entire educational experience. A portfolio and written thesis paper will demonstrate their conceptual, technical and expressive abilities.

Our graduates will enter professional lives as artists at a time when the boundaries between art and other fields are vanishing. Creative individuals with broad and versatile material, technical and intellectual skills will be in demand within expanding diverse practices that comprise contemporary art and society.

Students in the School of Art and Design must complete the Campus General Education requirements. Some Art and Design courses will also apply toward the General Education requirements.

A portfolio review is required for admission to the School of Art and Design.