Sustainable Design, BS

for the Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design

Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design
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Faculty Program Administrator: Dr. Daniel Schneider
Program Administrator: Dr. Nicole Turner
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The major in Sustainable Design offers an innovative, interdisciplinary course of study in design, with a focus on building sustainable communities through the intentional design of environmentally sensitive products, buildings, neighborhoods, landscapes and cities.

The program grounds concrete skills development with opportunities to move between disciplinary barriers, allowing students to prepare for the future in a sustainable world where ideas from many disciplines will be necessary to solve the complex problems of pollution reduction, energy conservation, and biodiversity protection in equitable, healthy, and thriving places.

Required introductory coursework provide a solid grounding in design thinking and skills, coupled with a broad understanding of the role of design in achieving sustainable results across scales. Students will apply their skills and knowledge in a required senior capstone project.

With expertise across disciplines, students in this program will be prepared to work in the public and private sector, or continue preparation in a variety of professional graduate programs such as Architecture, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design and Urban Planning.

The major in Sustainable Design will admit inter-college and off-campus transfer students for fall 2020. Incoming freshmen may apply for the fall 2021 term.

for the Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design

General Education Requirements
Composition I4
Advanced Composition3
Humanities & the Arts 16
Cultural Studies: Western/Comparative Culture(s)3
Cultural Studies: Non-Western Culture(s)3
Cultural Studies: US Minority Culture(s)3
Natural Sciences and Technology6
Social and Behavioral Sciences6
Quantitative Reasoning I and II6
Language Other than English 20-12
Total Hours (with Language requirement fulfilled)37 (40)
Major Requirements
FAA 101Arts at Illinois1
LA 101Introduction to Landscape Arch2
UP 136Urban Sustainability3
ARCH 171Concepts and Theories of Architectural Design3
ARTH 211Design History Survey (Gen Ed: Humanities & the Arts)3
ARTD 225Design Drawing3
FAA 230Sustainability of the Built Environment3
ARCH 231Anatomy of Buildings4
LA 270Behavioral Factors in Design3
ARTD 326Sustainability & Manufacturing3
FAA 330Making Sustainable Design5
UP 426Urban Design and Planning4
FAA 430Capstone Seminar3
FAA 431Capstone Studio5
Total Hours44
Major Electives
Select 16 credit hours with approval of advisor.
ARTD 230Design Thinking/Need-Finding3
ARTD 270Design Methods2
ART 310Design Thinking (Gen Ed: Humanities & the Arts- LA)3
ARTD 426Product Innovation3
ARTD 451Ethics of a Designer in a Global Economy4
UP 203Cities: Planning & Urban Life3
UP 204Chicago: Planning & Urban Life3
UP 205Ecology & Environmental Sustainability (Gen Ed: Natural Sci & Tech)3
UP 405Watershed Ecology and Planning4
UP 406Urban Ecology4
UP 430Urban Transportation Planning4
UP 456Sustainable Planning Workshop4
ARCH 210Introduction to the History of World Architecture3
ARCH 321Environment, Architecture, and Global Health3
LA 212Water and Society (Gen Ed: Humanities & the Arts -HP + Cultural Studies- West)3
LA 222Islamic Gardens & Architecture (Gen Ed: Humanities & the Arts -HP + Cultural Studies- Non-West)3
LA 314History of World Landscapes (Gen Ed: Advanced Composition + Humanities & the Arts-HP + Cultural Studies- West)4
LA 370Environmental Sustainability3
LA 446Sustainable Planning Seminar4
LA 450Ecology for Land Restoration4
LA 466Energy & the Built Environment4
LA 480Sustainable Design Principles2
Total Hours (minimum)16
College or University Electives
Select approximately 23 credit hours with approval of advisor to complete degree requirements.
Summary of Credits for Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design
General Education requirements 137 (40)
Language Requirements 20 - 12
Major Requirements44
Major Electives16
College or University Electives23
Total Hours for Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design 3120

Completion of ARTH 211 (major requirement) meets 3 hours of the general education requirement for Humanities and the Arts.

Language Requirements

This requirement may be satisfied by:

• Successfully completing a third-semester college-level course in a language other than English;

• Successful completion, in high school, of the third year of a language other than English; or

• Demonstrating proficiency at the third semester level in a language proficiency examination approved by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the appropriate department

• Current list of courses approved to satisfy the language requirement. If you enter UIUC without three years of language other than English in high school, you must take a language placement test to determine the courses in which you should enroll

3 Advanced Hours Requirement: A minimum of 40 credits at the 300 or 400 course level are required.