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for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in Political Science, World Politics Concentration

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The World Politics concentration compares internal political dynamics of and patterns of political behavior in the world's more than 200 countries. Major comparative themes include democracy, dictatorship and regime change; political institutions (parties, elections, and decision-making); voting behavior, attitudes, and the creation and dissemination of political information; religious and ethnic identity politics; political economy of development and developing countries; social change and political violence; and the impact of globalization and transnational forces such as migration.

See the Political Science BALAS page for departmental distinction information.

for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in Political Science, World Politics Concentration

See the Political Science Distinction page for departmental distinction information.

Students may count a maximum of six (6) hours of credit of any combination of hours from PS 494 toward the advanced hours requirement. Not more than 6 hours of individual study courses in political science (PS 490) or 6 hours of internships (PS 491) or 6 hours of supervised research (PS 492) may be included in the major; a student with any mix of independent study hours and internship hours and supervised research hours may include a maximum of 9 hours of such credit in the major. (PS 496) is reserved for those seniors doing honors theses for distinction in political science and may not be counted in the 45-hour minimum required for the major.

General education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement.

Minimum required major and supporting course work: Normally equates to 70 hours. Twelve hours of 300- and 400-level in the major must be taken on this campus.

Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours.

World Politics Concentration Coursework Requirements

PS 100Intro to Political Science3
Select at least one course from the following:3
Intro to Comp Politics
Comp Politics in Dev Nations
Select any additional 100- or 200-level Political Science courses6
Select 300- or 400-level Political Science courses, at least nine hours of which come from the World Politics Concentration list maintained by the department. The other six hours may be any 300- or 400-level Political Science course.15
Select any additional Political Science courses at any level6
Students will select a second major, or a minor, or a set of courses of at least 12 hours of thematically-related coursework outside political science, developed in conjunction with an academic advisor.12
Total Hours45
World Politics Course List
PS 152The New Middle East3
PS 180IntroPolitics of Globalization3
PS 230Intro to Pol Research3
PS 231Strategic Models3
PS 242Introduction to Modern Africa3
PS 282Governing Globalization3
PS 300Special Topics (as appropriate)3
PS 340Politics in Intl Development3
PS 341Gov & Pol in Africa3
PS 343Gov & Pol of China3
PS 344Government and Politics of Japan3
PS 345Gov & Pol of SE Asia3
PS 346Gov & Pol of South Asia3
PS 347Gov & Pol of Middle East3
PS 348Gov & Pol in Western Europe3
PS 351Gov & Pol Post-Soviet States3
PS 352Gov & Pol of East Europe3
PS 353Gov & Pol of Latin America3
PS 355Democratization3
PS 356Comparative Political Economy3
PS 357Ethnic Conflict3
PS 358Comparative Political Behavior3
PS 379Intl Rel & Domestic Politics3
PS 385Politics of the European Union3
PS 397Authoritarian Regimes3
PS 456Democracy and Identity3 or 4
PS 457Dem Gov in a Global Setting3 or 4
PS 494Junior Honors Seminar (as appropriate)3