Earth, Society, & Environmental Sustainability, BSLAS

for the degree of Bachelor Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences Major in Earth, Society, & Environmental Sustainability

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school faculty: Earth, Society & Environment Faculty

overview of college admissions & requirements: Liberal Arts & Sciences

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Students select one concentration in consultation with an academic advisor:

On-campus UIUC students can transfer to this degree without any special requirements.

Off-campus students who plan to transfer to this degree should have completed, or have in progress, the following:

  • the Composition 1 requirement.
  • the third level of high school foreign language or second level of college foreign language.

It is highly recommended that off-campus students complete the following requirements before transferring to the online degree - students who have not completed the following requirements may have to take additional coursework (either at UIUC or elsewhere) and should consult the program advisor:

  • the UIUC LAS language requirement should be satisfied.
  • the General Education Distribution Requirements of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences should be completed.
  • the Cognate Coursework should be completed.