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for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences, major in History of Art

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The Program in Art History is unique at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Though housed in the School of Art and Design in the College of Fine and Applied Arts, the Program in Art History offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in the History of Art from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences administers admission to the major in the History or Art; however, the Program in Art History advises all History of Art majors.

The curriculum in the History of Art requires 120 credit hours and offers a broad historical and cultural education related to the visual and build world. The curriculum provides sound preparation for the graduate study required for museum work or teaching at the college level.

for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences, major in History of Art

Departmental distinction: To be eligible for distinction, a student must earn a high grade point average and complete at least 4 semester hours of independent research to write a senior research paper. See the undergraduate adviser for details.

General education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement.

Minimum required major and supporting course work: Twelve (12) hours of 300- and 400-level courses in the major must be taken on this campus.

Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours.

Total required Core Hours39
1 course in studio art, graphic design or industrial design3
1 foundational gateway course at the 100-level:3
Introduction to the History of Art and Visual Culture
Three (3) Supporting Courses in the Humanities offered by LAS:9
These courses must be approved by the Art History advisor and be outside the field of art history with the goal of enhancing the student’s understanding of the cultural context within which works of art and architecture have been created.
See list of Approved Supplemental Courses below
Six (6) 200-400 level courses in Art History, offered in the School of Art & Design 118
Students must take at least one course in three of the following areas: 1) Africa and the Middle East; 2) Asia; 3) the Americas; 4) Europe
At least one course must cover material before 1700
At least one course must cover material after 1700
With an advisor’s approval, up to 6 credit hours of courses in the history of architecture or landscape architecture at the 200-400 level may be taken towards the fulfillment of these required hours
Though students must take a total of 6 courses, some may count toward the fulfillment of more than one area and period requirement. For instance, a course in 20th century African art could count as a class covering both Africa and the Middle East and material after 1700.
Two (2) seminars in Art History at the 400-level6
Courses must be designated as art history seminars (not all 400-level courses have this designation), or be approved as a seminar by the undergraduate advisor
See approved list below
Total Hours required for graduation120
History of Art - List of Approved Supplemental Humanities Courses 1
AFRO 212Intro African American Theat3
AFRO 227Studies in Black Television3
AFRO 228Hip Hop Music: History and Culture3
AFRO 243Pan Africanism3
AFRO 259Early African American Literature and Culture3
or AFRO 260 Modern African American Literature and Culture
AFRO/ENGL 272Minority Images in Amer Film3
AFRO 382African Amer Families in Film3
AFRO 400African Diasporic Thought in the Caribbean3 or 4
AFST 222Introduction to Modern Africa3
AFST 266African Film and Society3
ANTH 224Tourist Cities and Sites3
ANTH 250The World Through Museums3
ANTH 364Performing "America3
ANTH 462Museum Theory and Practice3 or 4
AAS 200U.S. Race and Empire3
AAS 211Asian Americans and the Arts3
AAS 246Asian American Youth in Film3
AAS/GWS 275The Politics of Fashion3
AAS 300/GWS 305/LLS 305Theories of Race, Gender, and Sexuality3
AAS/GWS 315War, Memory, and Cinema3
CLCV 206Classical Allusions in Cinema3
CLCV 240Gender & Sexuality in Greco-Roman Antiquity3
ENGL 202Medieval Literature and Culture3
ENGL 204Renaissance Literature and Culture3
ENGL 206Enlightenment Literature and Culture3
ENGL 207Romantic Literature and Culture3
ENGL 208Victorian Literature and Culture3
ENGL 209Early British Literature and Culture3
or ENGL 210 British Literature from 1800 to the Present
ENGL 211/AFST 210/CWL 210Introduction to Modern African Literature3
ENGL 213Modernist Literature and Culture3
ENGL 224/LLS 240/SPAN 240Latina/o Popular Culture3
ENGL 253Topics in Literature and New Media3
ENGL 255Early American Literature and Culture3
ENGL 273American Cinema, 1950-20003
ENGL 285Postcolonial Literature in English3
HIST 200Intro Hist Interpretation3
HIST 202American Environmental History3
HIST 203Reacting to the Past3
HIST 205Lived Experience in Latin America3
HIST 211History of Southern Africa3
HIST 212History of Eastern Africa3
HIST/EALC 220Traditional China3
HIST/EALC 221Modern China3
HIST/EALC 226Premodern Japanese History3
HIST/EALC 227Modern Japanese History3
HIST 25820thC World to Midcentury3
HIST 25920thC World from Midcentury3
HIST 260History of Russia3
HIST 270United States History to 18153
HIST 271Nineteenth Century America3
HIST 272Twentieth Century America3
HIST 274US Foreign Relations Since 19173
HIST/LLS 279Mexican-American History3
HIST/AAS/AFRO/LLS 281Constructing Race in America3
HIST/GWS 285US Gender History to 18773
HIST/GWS 286US Gender History Since 18773
HIST/GWS/AFRO 287African-American Women3
HIST 310Global Capitalism in History3
HIST/MDVL/REL 345Medieval Civilization3
HIST 347Protestant & Catholic Refs3
HIST 349Age of Revolution, 1775-18153
HIST 35019thC Romanticism & Politics3
HIST 352Europe in the World3
HIST 354Twentieth Century Europe3
HIST 357Modern France3
HIST 360European Culture in a Global Context3
HIST 370Colonial America3
HIST 373Origins of the Civil War3
HIST 374Civil War and Reconstruction3
HIST 375Soc History Indus Am to 19183
HIST 376Soc History Indus Am from 19183
HIST 379Latina/os and the City3
HIST 380US in an Age of Empire3
HIST/EALC 420China Under the Qing Dynasty2 to 4
HIST 425/CWL 478/EALC 476Classical Chinese Thought3 or 4
HIST/GWS 459Postcolonial/Queer3 or 4
HIST 462Soviet Union Since 19172 to 4
HIST 472
HIST 476/LLS 475History of the American West3 or 4
ITAL 406Italian Culture and Globalization3 or 4
LLS/ANTH 259Latina/o Anthropology3
LLS/ENGL 458Latina/o Performance3 or 4
LLS 460/AAS 400Critical Ethnic Studies3 or 4
LLS 465Race, Sex, and Deviance3 or 4
LLS 473/ANTH 472Immigration, Health & Society3 or 4
PHIL 411Nineteenth Century Philosophy3 or 4
PHIL 412Classical Modern Philosophers3 or 4
PHIL 414Major Recent Philosophers3 or 4
List of 400-level Seminars
ARTH 413Sacred African Diaspora Arts3 or 4
ARTH 415The Archaeology of Greece3
ARTH 424Gothic Art3 or 4
ARTH 430Topics: Italian Art 1300-15003 or 4
ARTH 431Topics: Northern Art 1300-15003 or 4
ARTH 43617th-Century Dutch & Flemish Art3 or 4
ARTH 440Romantic Art3 or 4
ARTH 445European Art Between the Wars3 or 4
ARTH 447France and Its Others3 or 4
ARTH 495Senior Seminar in Art History3