Mathematics: Graduate Preparation, BSLAS

for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in Mathematics, Graduate Preparation Concentration

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Mathematics is a broad discipline that contains a range of areas of specialization within it. The required core courses provide fundamental background for mathematics in general. The concentrations allow the student to broaden this background or begin to specialize. Students must complete the core courses and a concentration.

An entering student in mathematics should have academic preparation to enroll in MATH 220 during the first semester. Admission to MATH 220 requires an acceptable ALEKS score. A student should attain grades of B in calculus in order to complete the advanced courses successfully.

Undergraduate programs in Mathematics

Actuarial Science, BSLAS

Mathematics, BSLAS

Mathematics & Computer Science, BSLAS

for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in Mathematics, Graduate Preparation Concentration

A Major Plan of Study form, declaring concentration and supporting coursework, must be completed and submitted to the LAS Student Academic Affairs Office except for students in the Teaching of Mathematics concentration.  Please complete this form with an advisor in the Mathematics Undergraduate Office within 1-2 semesters of completing MATH 347 or MATH 348.

Departmental distinction: Distinction will be awarded on the basis of selection of 400-level courses in mathematics and the grade point average. Graduation with High Distinction or Highest Distinction in Mathematics requires participation in the Program for Distinction in Mathematics or Mathematics Education.  Full details are available at the departmental website.

General education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement.

Minimum required major and supporting course work: Normally equates to equates to 46-57 hours including 27-35 hours of mathematics beyond calculus, 3-4 hours of computer science, and 12 hours of supporting coursework. Twelve hours of 300- and 400-level in the major must be taken on this campus.

Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours.

Required Core Courses
MATH 241Calculus III 14
MATH 347Fundamental Mathematics3-4
or MATH 348 Fundamental Mathematics-ACP
MATH 416Abstract Linear Algebra 23
MATH 417Intro to Abstract Algebra3
or MATH 427 Honors Abstract Algebra
MATH 424Honors Real Analysis3
or MATH 447 Real Variables
MATH 461Probability Theory 33-4
or STAT 400 Statistics and Probability I
CS 101Intro Computing: Engrg & Sci3-4
or CS 125 Introduction to Computer Science
Approved supporting coursework or any minor12
Graduate Preparation Courses
The courses chosen from the core and the Graduate Preparatory concentration must include at least two of MATH 424, MATH 425, MATH 427, MATH 428.
MATH 418Intro to Abstract Algebra II3
or MATH 428 Honors Topics in Mathematics
MATH 448Complex Variables3
MATH 423Differential Geometry3
or MATH 425 Honors Advanced Analysis
or MATH 432 Set Theory and Topology
MATH 441Differential Equations3 or 4
Two additional 400- or 500-level Math courses6
Total Hours52-56