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for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Materials Science & Engineering

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Materials science and engineering is the basis for all engineering. Improvements in the quality of life require knowledge of the processing and properties of current materials and the design, development and application of new materials. The Materials Science and Engineering (MatSE) curriculum provides an understanding of the underlying principles of synthesis and processing of materials and of the interrelationships between structure, properties, and processing. Students learn how to create advanced materials and systems required, e.g., for flexible electronic displays and photonics that will change communications technologies, for site specific drug delivery, for self-healing materials, for enabling the transition to a hydrogen-based economy, and for more efficient photovoltaics and nuclear systems for energy production. The curriculum uses concepts from both basic physics and chemistry and provides a detailed knowledge of what makes the materials we use every day behave as they do.

Students in the first two years take courses in general areas of science and engineering as well as courses introducing the concepts in MatSE. In the third year, students study the common, central issues related to MatSE. In the senior year, students focus on an area of MatSE of their greatest interest, providing them with the detailed knowledge to be immediately useful to corporations, become entrepreneurs, or to provide the underpinning knowledge for graduate study. Note: students interested in biomaterials take a specific set of courses to provide them with a background in biology and chemistry while maintaining a strong engineering focus.

A combined B.S.-M.S. Materials Science and Engineering degree program is available. Its admission and course requirements are described in the College of Engineering Advising website and the department's website.

for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Materials Science & Engineering

Overview of Curricular Requirements

The curriculum requires 128 hours for graduation and is organized as follows.

Orientation and Professional Development

These courses introduce the opportunities and resources your college, department, and curriculum can offer you as you work to achieve your career goals. They also provide the skills to work effectively and successfully in the engineering profession.

ENG 100Engineering Orientation 10
MSE 183Freshman Materials Laboratory 21
Total Hours1

Foundational Mathematics and Science

These courses stress the basic mathematical and scientific principles upon which this engineering discipline is based.

CHEM 102General Chemistry I3
CHEM 103General Chemistry Lab I1
CHEM 104General Chemistry II3
CHEM 105General Chemistry Lab II1
MATH 221Calculus I 14
MATH 225Introductory Matrix Theory2
MATH 231Calculus II3
MATH 241Calculus III4
MATH 285Intro Differential Equations3
PHYS 211University Physics: Mechanics4
PHYS 212University Physics: Elec & Mag4
PHYS 214Univ Physics: Quantum Physics2
Total Hours34

Materials Science and Engineering Technical Core

These courses stress fundamental concepts and basic laboratory techniques that comprise the common intellectual understanding of materials science and engineering.

For All Students

CS 101Intro Computing: Engrg & Sci3
ECE 205Electrical and Electronic Circuits3
IE 300Analysis of Data 13
or STAT 400 Statistics and Probability I
MSE 182Introduction to MatSE2
MSE 201Phases and Phase Relations3
MSE 206Mechanics for MatSE4
MSE 307Materials Laboratory I3
MSE 308Materials Laboratory II3
MSE 395Materials Design3
MSE 401Thermodynamics of Materials3
MSE 402Kinetic Processes in Materials3
MSE 406Thermal-Mech Behavior of Matls3
Total Hours36

For the Biomaterials Area

CHEM 232Elementary Organic Chemistry I3 or 4
MCB 150Molec & Cellular Basis of Life4
MCB 450Introductory Biochemistry3
MCB 252Cells, Tissues & Development3
Total for the Biomaterials Area49

For All Other Areas

MSE 304Electronic Properties of Matls3
MSE 405Microstructure Determination3
Total for all non-Biomaterials Students42

Technical Electives

These courses stress the rigorous analysis and design principles practiced in the major subdisciplines of materials science and engineering embodied in the MatSE focus areas.

For the Biomaterials Area

Biomaterials area topical lectures selected from the list of topical lectures established by the department. See Topical Lecture list below: 5
MSE 404Laboratory Studies in Materials Science and Engineering (Each section of MSE 404 is 1.5 hours. Students take 2 unique sections of MSE 404 for 3 hours.)3
MSE 470Design and Use of Biomaterials3
Topical lectures outside the biomaterials area. See Topical Lecture list below.6
Total Hours17

For All Other Areas

Topical lectures selected from the list of courses established by the department below. No more than 6 hours may be from introductory topical lectures.12
MSE 404Laboratory Studies in Materials Science and Engineering (Each section of MSE 404 is 1.5 hours. Students take 4 unique sections of MSE 404 for 6 hours.)6
Technical electives selected from the list below of approved courses established by the department. Six credit hours total.
AE 202Aerospace Flight Mechanics3
AE 302Aerospace Flight Mechanics II3
AE 311Incompressible Flow3
AE 312Compressible Flow3
AE 321Mechs of Aerospace Structures3
AE 323Applied Aerospace Structures3
AE 352Aerospace Dynamical Systems3
AE 353Aerospace Control Systems3
AE 370Aerospace Numerical Methods3
AE 402Orbital Mechanics3 or 4
AE 403Spacecraft Attitude Control3 or 4
AE 410Computational Aerodynamics3 or 4
AE 412Viscous Flow & Heat Transfer4
AE 416Applied Aerodynamics3 or 4
AE 419Aircraft Flight Mechanics3 or 4
AE 420Finite Element Analysis3 or 4
AE 427Mechanics of Polymers3
AE 428Mechanics of Composites3
AE 433Aerospace Propulsion3 or 4
AE 434Rocket Propulsion3 or 4
AE 435Electric Propulsion3 or 4
AE 442Aerospace Systems Design I3
AE 443Aerospace Systems Design II3
AE 451Aeroelasticity3 or 4
AE 454Systems Dynamics & Control3 or 4
AE 460Aerodynamics & Propulsion Lab2
AE 461Structures & Control Lab2
AE 468Optical Remote Sensing3
AE 482Introduction to Robotics4
AE 483Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Navigation and Control3
ABE 223ABE Principles: Machine Syst2
ABE 224ABE Principles: Soil & Water2
ABE 225ABE Principles: Bioenvironment2
ABE 226ABE Principles: Bioprocessing2
ABE 341Transport Processes in ABE3
ABE 361Off-Road Machine Design3
ABE 425Engrg Measurement Systems4
ABE 430Project Management2
ABE 436Renewable Energy Systems3 or 4
ABE 446Biological Nanoengineering3 or 4
ABE 454Environmental Soil Physics3
ABE 455Erosion and Sediment Control2
ABE 456Land & Water Resources Engrg3 or 4
ABE 457NPS Pollution Processes2
ABE 458NPS Pollution Modeling2
ABE 459Drainage and Water Management3 or 4
ABE 463Electrohydraulic Systems3
ABE 466Engineering Off-Road Vehicles3
ABE 469Industry-Linked Design Project4
ABE 474Indoor Environmental Control3 or 4
ABE 476Indoor Air Quality Engineering4
ABE 482Package Engineering3
ABE 483Engrg Properties of Food Matls3
ABE 488Bioprocessing Biomass for Fuel3
BIOC 446Physical Biochemistry3
BIOC 455Technqs Biochem & Biotech4
BIOE 201Conservation Principles Bioeng3
BIOE 202Cell & Tissue Engineering Lab2
BIOE 205Signals & Systems in Bioengrg3
BIOE 301Introductory Biomechanics3
BIOE 302Modeling Human Physiology3
BIOE 303Quantitative Physiology Lab2
BIOE 306Biofabrication Lab3
BIOE 360Transport & Flow in Bioengrg3
BIOE 380Biomedical Imaging3
BIOE 414Biomedical Instrumentation3
BIOE 415Biomedical Instrumentation Lab2
BIOE 416Biosensors3
BIOE 420Intro Bio Control Systems3
BIOE 430Intro Synthetic Biology3 or 4
BIOE 461Cellular Biomechanics4
BIOE 467Biophotonics3
BIOE 476Tissue Engineering3
BIOE 479Cancer Nanotechnology3
BIOE 480Magnetic Resonance Imaging3 or 4
BIOE 481Whole-Body Musculoskel Biomech3 or 4
BIOE 482Musculoskel Tissue Mechanics3 or 4
BIOE 487Stem Cell Bioengineering3 or 4
BIOP 401Introduction to Biophysics3
BIOP 419Brain, Behavior & Info Process3
BIOP 432Photosynthesis3
BTW 261Principles Tech Comm3
CHBE 221Principles of CHE3
CHBE 421Momentum and Heat Transfer4
CHBE 422Mass Transfer Operations4
CHBE 424Chemical Reaction Engineering3
CHBE 430Unit Operations Laboratory4
CHBE 431Process Design4
CHBE 440Process Control and Dynamics3
CHBE 451Transport Phenomena3
CHBE 452Chemical Kinetics & Catalysis3
CHBE 456Polymer Science & Engineering3
CHBE 457Microelectronics Processing3
CHBE 471Biochemical Engineering3 or 4
CHBE 472Techniques in Biomolecular Eng3 or 4
CHBE 473Biomolecular Engineering3 or 4
CHBE 474Metabolic Engineering3 or 4
CHBE 475Tissue Engineering3
CHBE 476Biotransport3
CHBE 478Bioenergy Technology3
CHEM 222Quantitative Analysis Lecture2
CHEM 223Quantitative Analysis Lab2
CHEM 232Elementary Organic Chemistry I3 or 4
CHEM 233Elementary Organic Chem Lab I2
CHEM 236Fundamental Organic Chem I4
CHEM 237Structure and Synthesis2
CHEM 312Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM 315Instrumental Chem Systems Lab2
CHEM 317Inorganic Chemistry Lab3
CHEM 332Elementary Organic Chem II4
CHEM 360Chemistry of the Environment3
CHEM 420Instrumental Characterization2
CHEM 436Fundamental Organic Chem II3
CHEM 437Organic Chemistry Lab3
CHEM 438Advanced Organic Chemistry3
CHEM 440Physical Chemistry Principles4
CHEM 442Physical Chemistry I4
CHEM 445Physical Principles Lab I2
CHEM 447Physical Principles Lab II2
CHEM 450Astrochemistry4
CHEM 451Astrochemistry Laboratory3 or 4
CHEM 460Green Chemistry3 or 4
CHEM 472Physical Biochemistry3
CHEM 480Polymer Chemistry3 or 4
CHEM 482Polymer Physics3 or 4
CHEM 483Solid State Structural Anlys4
CHEM 488Surfaces and Colloids3 or 4
CEE 310Transportation Engineering3
CEE 320Construction Engineering3
CEE 330Environmental Engineering3
CEE 350Water Resources Engineering3
CEE 360Structural Engineering3
CEE 380Geotechnical Engineering3
CEE 401Concrete Materials4
CEE 405Asphalt Materials I3 or 4
CEE 406Pavement Design I3 or 4
CEE 407Airport Design3 or 4
CEE 408Railroad Transportation Engrg3 or 4
CEE 409Railroad Track Engineering3 or 4
CEE 410Railway Signaling & Control3 or 4
CEE 411RR Project Design & Constr3 or 4
CEE 412High-Speed Rail Engineering3 or 4
CEE 430Ecological Quality Engineering2
CEE 432Stream Ecology3 or 4
CEE 434Environmental Systems I3
CEE 437Water Quality Engineering3
CEE 440Fate Cleanup Environ Pollutant4
CEE 442Environmental Engineering Principles, Physical4
CEE 443Env Eng Principles, Chemical4
CEE 444Env Eng Principles, Biological4
CEE 445Air Quality Modeling4
CEE 446Air Quality Engineering4
CEE 447Atmospheric Chemistry4
CEE 449Environmental Engineering Lab3
CEE 450Surface Hydrology3
CEE 451Environmental Fluid Mechanics3
CEE 452Hydraulic Analysis and Design3
CEE 453Urban Hydrology and Hydraulics4
CEE 457Groundwater3
CEE 460Steel Structures I3
CEE 461Reinforced Concrete I3
CEE 462Steel Structures II3 or 4
CEE 463Reinforced Concrete II3 or 4
CEE 465Design of Structural Systems3
CEE 467Masonry Structures3 or 4
CEE 468Prestressed Concrete3 or 4
CEE 469Wood Structures3 or 4
CEE 470Structural Analysis4
CEE 471Structural Mechanics3 or 4
CEE 472Structural Dynamics I3 or 4
CEE 480Foundation Engineering3
CEE 483Soil Mechanics and Behavior4
CEE 484Applied Soil Mechanics4
CEE 491Decision and Risk Analysis3 or 4
CSE 401Numerical Analysis3 or 4
CSE 402Parallel Progrmg: Sci & Engrg3 or 4
CSE 414Algorithms4
CSE 422Computer System Organization3 or 4
CSE 423Operating Systems Design3 or 4
CSE 426Software Engineering I3 or 4
CSE 427Interactive Computer Graphics3 or 4
CSE 429Software Engineering II3 or 4
CSE 441Introduction to Optimization3 or 4
CSE 450Computational Mechanics3 or 4
CSE 451Finite Element Analysis3 or 4
CSE 461Computational Aerodynamics3 or 4
CSE 485Atomic Scale Simulations3 or 4
CS 173Discrete Structures3
CS 210Ethical & Professional Issues2
CS 225Data Structures4
CS 233Computer Architecture4
CS 241System Programming4
CS 242Programming Studio3
CS 357Numerical Methods I3
CS 374Introduction to Algorithms & Models of Computation4
CS 410Text Information Systems3 or 4
CS 411Database Systems3 or 4
CS 412Introduction to Data Mining3 or 4
CS 413Intro to Combinatorics3 or 4
CS 414Multimedia Systems3 or 4
CS 418Interactive Computer Graphics3 or 4
CS 419Production Computer Graphics3 or 4
CS 420Parallel Progrmg: Sci & Engrg3 or 4
CS 421Programming Languages & Compilers3 or 4
CS 422Programming Language Design3 or 4
CS 423Operating Systems Design3 or 4
CS 424Real-Time Systems3 or 4
CS 425Distributed Systems3 or 4
CS 426Compiler Construction3 or 4
CS 427Software Engineering I3 or 4
CS 428Software Engineering II3 or 4
CS 429Software Engineering II, ACP3
CS 431Embedded Systems3 or 4
CS 433Computer System Organization3 or 4
CS 436Computer Networking Laboratory3 or 4
CS 438Communication Networks3 or 4
CS 439Wireless Networks3 or 4
CS 440Artificial Intelligence3 or 4
CS 446Machine Learning3 or 4
CS 447Natural Language Processing3 or 4
CS 450Numerical Analysis3 or 4
CS 457Numerical Methods II3
CS 460Security Laboratory3 or 4
CS 461Computer Security I4
CS 463Computer Security II3 or 4
CS 465User Interface Design3 or 4
CS 466Introduction to Bioinformatics3 or 4
CS 467Social Visualization3 or 4
CS 473Algorithms4
CS 475Formal Models of Computation3 or 4
CS 476Program Verification3 or 4
CS 477Formal Software Devel Methods3 or 4
CS 481Advanced Topics in Stochastic Processes & Applications3 or 4
CS 482Simulation3 or 4
CS 483Applied Parallel Programming4
CS 484Parallel Programming3 or 4
ECE 206Electrical and Electronic Circuits Lab1
ECE 210Analog Signal Processing4
ECE 211Analog Circuits & Systems2
ECE 304Photonic Devices3
ECE 307Techniques for Engrg Decisions3
ECE 310Digital Signal Processing3
ECE 311Digital Signal Processing Lab1
ECE 329Fields and Waves I3
ECE 330Power Ckts & Electromechanics3
ECE 333Green Electric Energy3
ECE 340Semiconductor Electronics3
ECE 342Electronic Circuits3
ECE 343Electronic Circuits Laboratory1
ECE 350Fields and Waves II3
ECE 380Biomedical Imaging3
ECE 385Digital Systems Laboratory3
ECE 391Computer Systems Engineering4
ECE 395Advanced Digital Projects Lab2 or 3
ECE 401Signal and Image Analysis4
ECE 402Electronic Music Synthesis3
ECE 403Audio Engineering3
ECE 408Applied Parallel Programming4
ECE 411Computer Organization & Design4
ECE 412Microcomputer Laboratory3
ECE 414Biomedical Instrumentation3
ECE 415Biomedical Instrumentation Lab2
ECE 416Biosensors3
ECE 417Multimedia Signal Processing4
ECE 418Image & Video Processing4
ECE 419Security Laboratory3 or 4
ECE 420Embedded DSP Laboratory2
ECE 422Computer Security I4
ECE 424Computer Security II3 or 4
ECE 425Intro to VLSI System Design3
ECE 428Distributed Systems3 or 4
ECE 431Electric Machinery4
ECE 432Advanced Electric Machinery3
ECE 435Computer Networking Laboratory3 or 4
ECE 437Sensors and Instrumentation3
ECE 438Communication Networks3 or 4
ECE 439Wireless Networks3 or 4
ECE 441Physcs & Modeling Semicond Dev3
ECE 444IC Device Theory & Fabrication4
ECE 445Senior Design Project Lab4
ECE 446Principles of Experimental Research in Electrical Engineering4
ECE 447Active Microwave Ckt Design3
ECE 448Artificial Intelligence3 or 4
ECE 451Adv Microwave Measurements3
ECE 452Electromagnetic Fields3
ECE 453Wireless Communication Systems4
ECE 454Antennas3
ECE 455Optical Electronics3 or 4
ECE 456Global Nav Satellite Systems4
ECE 457Microwave Devices & Circuits3
ECE 458Applic of Radio Wave Propag3
ECE 459Communications Systems3
ECE 460Optical Imaging4
ECE 461Digital Communications3
ECE 462Logic Synthesis3
ECE 463Digital Communications Lab2
ECE 464Power Electronics3
ECE 465Optical Communications Systems3
ECE 466Optical Communications Lab1
ECE 467Biophotonics3
ECE 468Optical Remote Sensing3
ECE 469Power Electronics Laboratory2
ECE 470Introduction to Robotics4
ECE 472Biomedical Ultrasound Imaging3
ECE 473Fund of Engrg Acoustics3 or 4
ECE 476Power System Analysis3
ECE 478Formal Software Devel Methods3 or 4
ECE 480Magnetic Resonance Imaging3 or 4
ECE 481Nanotechnology4
ECE 482Digital IC Design3
ECE 483Analog IC Design3
ECE 484Prin Adv Microelec Processing3
ECE 485MEMS Devices & Systems3
ECE 486Control Systems4
ECE 487Intro Quantum Electr for EEs3
ECE 488Compound Semicond & Devices3
ECE 489Robot Dynamics and Control4
ECE 490Introduction to Optimization3 or 4
ECE 491Numerical Analysis3 or 4
ECE 492Parallel Progrmg: Sci & Engrg3 or 4
ECE 493Advanced Engineering Math3 or 4
ECE 495Photonic Device Laboratory3
ABE 482Package Engineering3
IE 330Industrial Quality Control3
IE 340Human Factors4
IE 360Facilities Planning and Design3
IE 361Production Planning & Control3
IE 400Design & Anlys of Experiments3 or 4
IE 410Advanced Topics in Stochastic Processes & Applications3 or 4
IE 411Optimization of Large Systems3 or 4
IE 412OR Models for Mfg Systems3 or 4
IE 413Simulation3 or 4
IE 420Financial Engineering3 or 4
IE 430Economic Found of Quality Syst3 or 4
IE 431Design for Six Sigma3
IE 445Human Performance and Cognition in Context3 or 4
Materials Science and Engineering - Any otherwise not-required courses
MATH 213Basic Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 347Fundamental Mathematics3
MATH 348Fundamental Mathematics-ACP4
MATH 357Numerical Methods I3
MATH 402Non Euclidean Geometry3 or 4
MATH 403Euclidean Geometry3 or 4
MATH 412Graph Theory3 or 4
MATH 413Intro to Combinatorics3 or 4
MATH 414Mathematical Logic3 or 4
MATH 416Abstract Linear Algebra3 or 4
MATH 417Intro to Abstract Algebra3 or 4
MATH 418Intro to Abstract Algebra II3 or 4
MATH 423Differential Geometry3 or 4
MATH 432Set Theory and Topology3 or 4
MATH 442Intro Partial Diff Equations3 or 4
MATH 444Elementary Real Analysis3 or 4
MATH 446Applied Complex Variables3 or 4
MATH 447Real Variables3 or 4
MATH 448Complex Variables3 or 4
MATH 450Numerical Analysis3 or 4
MATH 453Elementary Theory of Numbers3 or 4
MATH 461Probability Theory3 or 4
MATH 464Statistics and Probability II3 or 4
MATH 473Algorithms4
MATH 475Formal Models of Computation3 or 4
MATH 481Vector and Tensor Analysis3 or 4
MATH 482Linear Programming3 or 4
MATH 484Nonlinear Programming3 or 4
MATH 487Advanced Engineering Math3 or 4
MATH 489Dynamics & Differential Eqns3 or 4
ME 170Computer-Aided Design3
ME 270Design for Manufacturability3
ME 310Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics4
ME 320Heat Transfer4
ME 340Dynamics of Mechanical Systems3.5
ME 351Analysis of Mfg Processes3
ME 360Signal Processing3.5
ME 370Mechanical Design I3
ME 371Mechanical Design II3
ME 400Energy Conversion Systems3 or 4
ME 401Refrigeration and Cryogenics3 or 4
ME 402Design of Thermal Systems3 or 4
ME 403Internal Combustion Engines3 or 4
ME 410Intermediate Gas Dynamics3 or 4
ME 411Viscous Flow & Heat Transfer4
ME 412Numerical Thermo-Fluid Mechs2 to 4
ME 420Intermediate Heat Transfer4
ME 431Mechanical Component Failure3 or 4
ME 440Kinem & Dynamics of Mech Syst3 or 4
ME 445Introduction to Robotics4
ME 446Robot Dynamics and Control4
ME 450Modeling Materials Processing3
ME 451Computer-Aided Mfg Systems3 or 4
ME 452Num Control of Mfg Processes3 or 4
ME 455Micromanufacturing Process & Automation3 or 4
ME 460Industrial Control Systems4
ME 461Computer Cntrl of Mech Systems3 or 4
ME 471Finite Element Analysis3 or 4
ME 472Introduction to Tribology3 or 4
ME 481Whole-Body Musculoskel Biomech3 or 4
ME 482Musculoskel Tissue Mechanics3 or 4
ME 483Mechanobiology4
ME 485MEMS Devices & Systems3
ME 487MEMS-NEMS Theory & Fabrication4
MCB 150Molec & Cellular Basis of Life4
MCB 151Molec & Cellular Laboratory1
MCB 215Foundation in Mol & Cell Bio3
MCB 244Human Anatomy & Physiology I3
MCB 245Human Anat & Physiol Lab I2
MCB 246Human Anatomy & Physiology II3
MCB 247Human Anat & Physiol Lab II2
MCB 250Molecular Genetics3
MCB 251Exp Techniqs in Molecular Biol2
MCB 252Cells, Tissues & Development3
MCB 253Exp Techniqs in Cellular Biol2
MCB 270Medical Genetics3
MCB 300Microbiology3
MCB 301Experimental Microbiology3
MCB 314Introduction to Neurobiology3
MCB 316Genetics and Disease4
MCB 317Genetics and Genomics4
MCB 320Mechanisms of Human Disease3
MCB 354Biochem & Phys Basis of Life3
MCB 400Cancer Cell Biology3
MCB 401Cell & Membrane Physiology3
MCB 402Sys & Integrative Physiology3
MCB 403Cell & Membrane Physiology Lab1 or 2
MCB 404Sys & Integrative Physiol Lab1 to 2
MCB 406Gene Expression & Regulation3
MCB 408Immunology3
MCB 410Developmental Biology, Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine3
MCB 413Endocrinology3
MCB 419Brain, Behavior & Info Process3
MCB 421Microbial Genetics3
MCB 424Microbial Biochemistry3
MCB 426Bacterial Pathogenesis3
MCB 428Microbial Pathogens Laboratory2
MCB 429Cellular Microbiology &Disease3
MCB 430Molecular Microbiology3
MCB 431Microbial Physiology3
MCB 432Computing in Molecular Biology3
MCB 433Virology & Viral Pathogenesis3
MCB 435Evolution of Infectious Disease3
MCB 442Comparative Immunobiology4
MCB 446Physical Biochemistry3
MCB 450Introductory Biochemistry3
MCB 458Basic Human Pathology3
MCB 461Cell & Molecular Neuroscience3
MCB 462Integrative Neuroscience3
MCB 465Human Metabolic Disease3
MCB 471Cell Structure and Dynamics3
MCB 480Eukaryotic Cell Signaling2
NPRE 201Energy Systems2 or 3
NPRE 241Intro to Radiation Protection2
NPRE 247Modeling Nuclear Energy System3
NPRE 402Nuclear Power Engineering3 or 4
NPRE 412Nuclear Power Econ & Fuel Mgmt3 or 4
NPRE 421Plasma and Fusion Science3
NPRE 423Plasma Laboratory2
NPRE 429Plasma Engineering3
NPRE 431Materials in Nuclear Engrg3
NPRE 432Nuclear Engrg Materials Lab2
NPRE 435Radiological Imaging3
NPRE 441Radiation Protection4
NPRE 442Radioactive Waste Management3
NPRE 446Radiation Interact w/Matter I3
NPRE 447Radiation Interact w/Matter II3
NPRE 448Nuclear Syst Engrg & Design4
NPRE 451NPRE Laboratory3
NPRE 455Neutron Diffusion & Transport4
NPRE 461Probabilistic Risk Assessment3 or 4
NPRE 470Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Sources3
NPRE 475Wind Power Systems3 or 4
PHYS 213Univ Physics: Thermal Physics2
PHYS 225Relativity & Math Applications2
PHYS 325Classical Mechanics I3
PHYS 326Classical Mechanics II3
PHYS 329Atmospheric Dynamics I3
PHYS 330Atmospheric Dynamics II3
PHYS 401Classical Physics Lab3
PHYS 402Light3 or 4
PHYS 403Modern Experimental Physics4 or 5
PHYS 406Acoustical Physics of Music4
PHYS 419Space, Time, and Matter-ACP3 or 4
PHYS 420Space, Time, and Matter2
PHYS 435Electromagnetic Fields I3
PHYS 436Electromagnetic Fields II3
PHYS 466Atomic Scale Simulations3 or 4
PHYS 470Subatomic Physics4
PHYS 475Introduction to Biophysics3 or 4
PHYS 485Atomic Phys & Quantum Theory3
PHYS 486Quantum Physics I4
PHYS 487Quantum Physics II4
SE 101Engineering Graphics & Design3
SE 261Business Side of Engineering1 or 2
SE 310Design of Structures and Mechanisms3
SE 311Engineering Design Analysis3
SE 312Instrumentation and Test Lab1
SE 320Control Systems4
SE 361Emotional Intelligence Skills3
SE 400Engineering Law3 or 4
SE 402Comp-Aided Product Realization3 or 4
SE 410Component Design3
SE 411Reliability Engineering3 or 4
SE 412Nondestructive Evaluation3 or 4
SE 413Engineering Design Optimization3 or 4
SE 420Digital Control Systems4
SE 422Robot Dynamics and Control4
SE 423Mechatronics3
SE 424State Space Design for Control3
SE 450Decision Analysis I3 or 4
SE 462Leading Sustainable Change3
TSM 233Metallurgy & Welding Process3
TE 461Technology Entrepreneurship3
TAM 212Introductory Dynamics3
TAM 252Solid Mechanics Design1
TAM 302Engineering Design Principles3
TAM 335Introductory Fluid Mechanics4
TAM 412Intermediate Dynamics4
TAM 413Fund of Engrg Acoustics3 or 4
TAM 424Mechanics of Structural Metals3 or 4
TAM 427Mechanics of Polymers3
TAM 428Mechanics of Composites3
TAM 435Intermediate Fluid Mechanics4
TAM 445Continuum Mechanics4
TAM 451Intermediate Solid Mechanics4
TAM 456Experimental Stress Analysis3
TAM 461Cellular Biomechanics4
TAM 470Computational Mechanics3 or 4

Topical Lectures

The courses listed below have been approved by the department as topical lectures for all focus areas.

Introductory - No more than 2 introductory courses can count for Topical Lecture
MSE 420Ceramic Materials & Properties3
MSE 441Metals Processing3
MSE 450Polymer Science & Engineering3 or 4
MSE 470Design and Use of Biomaterials3
ECE 340Semiconductor Electronics3
MSE 473Biomolecular Materials Science3
MSE 474Biomaterials and Nanomedicine3
ABE 446Biological Nanoengineering3 or 4
BIOE 416Biosensors3
BIOE 461Cellular Biomechanics4
BIOE 476Tissue Engineering3
BIOE 487Stem Cell Bioengineering3 or 4
CHBE 473Biomolecular Engineering3 or 4
ECE 380Biomedical Imaging3
ECE 414Biomedical Instrumentation3
ECE 415Biomedical Instrumentation Lab2
ECE 472Biomedical Ultrasound Imaging3
ME 482Musculoskel Tissue Mechanics3 or 4
ME 483Mechanobiology4
Biomaterials Science - Can only count one science course for Topical Lecture Biomaterials
BIOC 446Physical Biochemistry3
BIOC 455Technqs Biochem & Biotech4
BIOP 401Introduction to Biophysics3
All Other Areas
MSE 403Synthesis of Materials3
MSE 421Ceramic Processing3 or 4
MSE 422Electrical Ceramics3
MSE 440Mechanical Behavior of Metals3
MSE 443Design of Engineering Alloys3
MSE 445Corrosion of Metals3 or 4
MSE 453Plastics Engineering3
MSE 455Macromolecular Solids3
MSE 456Mechanics of Composites3
MSE 457Polymer Chemistry3 or 4
MSE 458Polymer Physics3 or 4
MSE 460Electronic Materials I3
MSE 461Electronic Materials II3
MSE 466Materials in Electrochem Syst3
MSE 480Surfaces and Colloids3
MSE 481Electron Microscopy3
MSE 484Composite Materials3
MSE 485Atomic Scale Simulations3
MSE 487Materials for Nanotechnology3
MSE 488Optical Materials3 or 4
MSE 489Matl Select for Sustainability3
ABE 482Package Engineering3
CEE 401Concrete Materials4
CEE 460Steel Structures I3
CHBE 457Microelectronics Processing3
ECE 441Physcs & Modeling Semicond Dev3
ECE 444IC Device Theory & Fabrication4
ECE 481Nanotechnology4
ECE 485MEMS Devices & Systems3
ECE 487Intro Quantum Electr for EEs3
ECE 488Compound Semicond & Devices3
ECE 495Photonic Device Laboratory3
ECE 498Special Topics in ECE (Section CB: LEDs and Solar Cells)4
IE 431Design for Six Sigma3
ME 431Mechanical Component Failure3 or 4
ME 450Modeling Materials Processing3
ME 472Introduction to Tribology3 or 4
ME 487MEMS-NEMS Theory & Fabrication4
NPRE 470Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Sources3
SE 412Nondestructive Evaluation3 or 4
TAM 427Mechanics of Polymers3
TAM 451Intermediate Solid Mechanics4
TAM 456Experimental Stress Analysis3
Science - Can only count one science course for Topical Lecture
CHEM 436Fundamental Organic Chem II3
PHYS 485Atomic Phys & Quantum Theory3
PHYS 486Quantum Physics I4
PHYS 487Quantum Physics II4

Liberal Education

The liberal education courses develop students' understanding of human culture and society, build skills of inquiry and critical thinking, and lay a foundation for civic engagement and lifelong learning.

Electives from the campus General Education Social and Behavioral Sciences list. 6
Electives from the campus General Education Humanities and the Arts list.6
Electives either from a list approved by the college, or additional courses from the campus General Education lists for Social and Behavioral Sciences or Humanities and the Arts.6
Total Hours18

Students must also complete the campus cultural studies requirement by completing (i) one western/comparative culture(s) course, (ii) one non-western culture(s) course, and (iii) one U.S. Minority Culture(s) course from the General Education cultural studies lists. Most students select liberal education courses that simultaneously satisfy two or more cultural studies requirements. Courses from the western and non-western lists that fall into free electives or other categories may also be used satisfy the cultural studies requirements.


These courses teach fundamentals of expository writing.

RHET 105Writing and Research4
Advanced Composition (satisfied by completing the sequence MSE 307 + MSE 308 in the Materials Science and Engineering Technical Core)
Total Hours4

Free Electives

These unrestricted electives, subject to certain exceptions as noted at the College of Engineering Advising Website, give the student the opportunity to explore any intellectual area of unique interest. This freedom plays a critical role in helping students to define research specialties or to complete minors.

Free electives. Additional unrestricted course work, subject to certain exceptions as noted at the College of Engineering advising Web site, so that there are at least 128 credit hours earned toward the degree. 6

for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Materials Science & Engineering

Suggested Sequence

The schedule that follows is illustrative, showing the typical sequence in which courses would be taken by a student with no college course credit already earned and who intends to graduate in four years.  Each individual's case may vary, but the position of required named courses is generally indicative of the order in which they should be taken. The first two years of the Suggested Sequence is the same for all MatSE students. The third and fourth years vary with the Focus Area chosen. Refer to the appropriate third and fourth year sequence.

First Year
First SemesterHours
CHEM 102General Chemistry I3
CHEM 103General Chemistry Lab I1
ENG 100Engineering Orientation0
MATH 2211Calculus I4
MSE 182Introduction to MatSE2
RHET 105 (or Liberal education elective)2,3Writing and Research4
 Semester Hours14
Second Semester
CHEM 104General Chemistry II3
CHEM 105General Chemistry Lab II1
MATH 225Introductory Matrix Theory2
MATH 231Calculus II3
MSE 1834Freshman Materials Laboratory1
PHYS 211University Physics: Mechanics4
RHET 105 (or Liberal education elective)2,3Writing and Research4
 Semester Hours17
Second Year
First Semester
CS 101Intro Computing: Engrg Sci3
MATH 241Calculus III4
MSE 201Phases and Phase Relations3
PHYS 212University Physics: Elec Mag4
Liberal education elective33
 Semester Hours17
Second Semester
ECE 205Electrical and Electronic Circuits3
MATH 285Intro Differential Equations3
MSE 206Mechanics for MatSE4
PHYS 214Univ Physics: Quantum Physics2
Liberal education elective33
 Semester Hours15
 Total Hours: 63

All students except Biomaterials Area

Third Year
First SemesterHours
IE 300 or STAT 4005Analysis of Data3
MSE 3076Materials Laboratory I3
MSE 401Thermodynamics of Materials3
MSE 406Thermal-Mech Behavior of Matls3
Liberal education elective33
 Semester Hours15
Second Semester
MSE 304Electronic Properties of Matls3
MSE 3086Materials Laboratory II3
MSE 402Kinetic Processes in Materials3
MSE 405Microstructure Determination3
Topical lecture (intro level suggested)73
Liberal education elective33
 Semester Hours18
Fourth Year
First Semester
Topical lecture courses7,86
MSE 4049Laboratory Studies in Materials Science and Engineering3
Technical elective103
Liberal education elective33
Free elective3
 Semester Hours18
Second Semester
MSE 395Materials Design3
MSE 4049Laboratory Studies in Materials Science and Engineering3
Topical lecture7,83
Technical elective103
Free elective3
 Semester Hours15
 Total Hours: 66

Biomaterials Area

Third Year
First SemesterHours
CHEM 232Elementary Organic Chemistry I3
MSE 3076Materials Laboratory I3
MSE 401Thermodynamics of Materials3
MSE 406Thermal-Mech Behavior of Matls3
MCB 150Molec Cellular Basis of Life4
 Semester Hours16
Second Semester
MCB 252Cells, Tissues Development3
IE 300 or STAT 4005Analysis of Data3
MSE 3086Materials Laboratory II3
MSE 402Kinetic Processes in Materials3
Liberal education elective33
 Semester Hours15
Fourth Year
First Semester
MSE 470Design and Use of Biomaterials3
MCB 450Introductory Biochemistry3
Topical lecture in biomaterials area72
Topical lecture outside of biomaterials area73
Liberal education elective33
Free Elective 3
 Semester Hours17
Second Semester
MSE 395Materials Design3
MSE 4049Laboratory Studies in Materials Science and Engineering3
Topical lecture in biomaterials area73
Topical lecture outside of biomaterials area73
Liberal education elective33
Free elective 3
 Semester Hours18
 Total Hours: 66