Theatre: Arts & Entertainment Technology, BFA

for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Theatre, Arts & Entertainment Technology Concentration

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Arts & Entertainment Technology Concentration

Level 21 reflects the design, technology and management disciplines in theatre arts. It has seven unique yet inter-related concentrations in: Arts + Entertainment Technology, Costume Design + Technology, Lighting Design + Technology, Scene Design, Scenic Technology, Sound Design + Technology, and Stage Management. Freshman and sophomore students learn the foundations of theatrical production with a focus on acquiring practical skills for application in advanced course work and in theatre productions. Junior and senior students participate in advanced study in their chosen discipline supported by one-on-one faculty mentoring of assigned projects. Students in this area are the designers, technicians, managers, artisans and crew for over a dozen theater, musical theater, dance and opera productions at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts and work on these shows in various roles throughout their entire course of study.

for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Theatre, Arts & Entertainment Technology Concentration

A minimum of 128 hours of credit is required for the degree.

Twelve hours of 300 and 400-level courses in the major must be taken on this campus.

40 credits hours in degree required in 300-400 level coursework to meet IBHE requirements.

General Education Requirements for all University Students

General Education Requirements: (40 hrs with Language requirements fulfilled)
Composition I4
Advanced Composition3
Cultural Studies: Western Comparative Cultures3
Cultural Studies: U.S. Minority Culture(s)3
Cultural Studies: Non-Western Cultures3
Quantitative Reasoning I3
Quantitative Reasoning II3
Humanities and the Arts6
Natural Sciences and Technology6
Social and Behavioral Sciences6
Language Requirement 10-12
General, Non-Theatre Electives9
Open Electives (as needed to total a minimum of 128 hours to earn the degree)

Core Requirements for all Theatre Majors

FAA 101Arts at Illinois1
THEA 100Practicum I2
THEA 200Practicum II2
THEA 121Theatre Foundations: Performance3
THEA 122Theatre Foundations: Theory and Practice3
THEA 123Theatre Foundations: Production3
THEA 20821st Century Dramaturgy3
THEA 304Global Theatre Performance3
THEA 364Topics in Theatre History3
THEA 404Professional Career Development1
Total Hours24

Summary of Credits for BFA in Theatre

Core Requirements for All Theatre Majors24
General Education Requirements31-40
Language Requirements, if needed0-12
Concentration Requirements (see tables below for individual concentrations)49-52
General Non-Theatre Electives9
Open Electives as needed to total 128 hours0-18
Total Credits for BFA in Theatre128
Required Courses:32
THEA 100Practicum I (in addition to the THEA 100 credits required in the theatre core)1
THEA 119BFA Production Seminar (section AET)4
THEA 126Stagecraft3
THEA 153Introduction to Theatre Sound3
THEA 220Survey of Theatrical Design3
THEA 223Introduction to Stage Rigging3
THEA 231Intro to Lighting Design3
THEA 300Practicum III4
THEA 400Practicum IV4
THEA 495Capstone Project2
THEA 496Professional Exploration2
Choose 6 credits from the following courses:6
THEA 419Theatrical CAD Drafting2
THEA 421Welding for the Stage4
THEA 424Automation for the Stage3
THEA 429Scenic Technology Topics2
THEA 435Professional Lighting Systems2
THEA 497Audio Engineering I3
Choose 12 credits from the following courses:12
THEA 151Introduction to Digital Audio Workstations3
THEA 419Theatrical CAD Drafting (in addition to 6 cr requirement)2
THEA 420Shop Practice4
THEA 421Welding for the Stage (in addition to 6 cr requirement)4
THEA 422Structures for the Stage3
THEA 424Automation for the Stage (in addition to 6 cr requirement)3
THEA 429Scenic Technology Topics (may be repeated for various topics)2
THEA 430Technical Direction I3
THEA 435Professional Lighting Systems (in addition to 6 cr requirement)2
THEA 437Software for Lighting Design2
THEA 461Introduction to Media Design3
THEA 492Digital Rendering for Lighting3
THEA 494Advanced Problem Solving for Lighting Designers3
THEA 497Audio Engineering I (in addition to 6 cr requirement)3
THEA 498Audio Engineering II3
RST 460Event Management in Recreation, Sport and Tourism3
RST 465Event Implementation and Evaluation in Recreation, Sport and Tourism3
PHYS 102College Physics: E&M & Modern (Nat Sci & Tech and Quant Reasoning II Gen Ed)5
PHYS 193Physics of Music2
PHYS 211University Physics: Mechanics (Nat Sci & Tech Gen Ed)4
PHYS 212University Physics: Elec & Mag (Nat Sci & Tech Gen Ed)4
Total Credits for Arts and Entertainment Technology Concentration50