Journalism, BS

for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Journalism

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JOURNALISM (JOUR), prepares students for exciting and fulfilling careers in broadcast journalism, news-editorial journalism, and emerging media. The primary professional aim is to train students as public affairs and enterprise journalists. The Journalism Department seeks to prepare broadly educated professionals who will assume decision-making and leadership roles in a variety of media organizations.

Programs in Journalism

Undergraduate Programs:

major: Journalism, BS

major: Journalism, BS-MJ

minors: Journalism | Media

Graduate Programs:

degree: Journalism, BS-MJ

degree: Journalism, MS

joint degree: Journalism, MS and Law, JD

The department does not offer a Ph.D. degree. For the program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy in Communications, see Communications and Media, PhD.

for the degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Journalism

General requirements: To graduate from the journalism curriculum, a student must meet all general University and College requirements for the degree and must complete the following courses, all of which must be taken for a traditional letter grade:

Required Major Courses39
JOUR 200Introduction to Journalism3
JOUR 210Newsgathering Across Platforms4
JOUR 215Multimedia Reporting4
JOUR 250Journalism Ethics & Diversity3
JOUR 311Media Law3
One of the following courses:3
History of American Journalism
Great Books of Journalism
Four of the following courses:16
News Editing
Adv Public Affairs Reporting
Audio Journalism
Video Reporting & Storytelling
Multimedia Editing and Design
Video Storytelling 2-Producing
One of the following courses:3
Media and Public Opinion
Research Methods in Journalism
Electives within the College of Media12-13
(including any course not chosen to fill a requirement listed above)
Total Hours in the College of Media51-52
Courses outside the College of Media
CS 105Intro Computing: Non-Tech3
ECON 102Microeconomic Principles3
ECON 103Macroeconomic Principles3
PSYC 100Intro Psych4
RHET 105Writing and Research (or Comp. I equivalent)4
SOC 100Introduction to Sociology4
STAT 100Statistics3
Campus General Education requirements not met by classes listed above12
Minor or Specialization18
Recognized minor or one 18-hour specialization or two 9- hour specializations, approved by adviser, from outside College of Media and Department of Communication. May include hours listed above. Students may choose to complete a Public Relations minor in addition to the non-Media minor or specialization
Total Hours Outside the College of Media72-73
Advanced Hours Requirement
At least 20 hours in courses numbered 200 or above. These courses must be outside and not cross-listed with the College of Media. Nine of the 20 hours must be in courses numbered 300 or above.
Please note: Courses used to fulfill University General Education requirements or to fulfill requirements for a minor may count toward these requirements. Courses used to fulfill the College of Media's advanced outside hours requirement may also count toward these requirements.
Miniumum Total Hours required for graduation124