Slavic Studies, BALAS

for the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in Slavic Studies

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Students must select one concentration in consultation with an academic advisor. Students in all concentrations must complete a) 6 hours of language beyond the second year, and b) 24 hours of literature and culture courses.

Unlike the major in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, which has a multidisciplinary area studies and current affairs focus, the major in Slavic Studies emphasizes the study of language, literature, and culture in their historical context. Students develop intensive cultural literacy and communication skills through humanities-oriented training, and many go on to careers in writing and editing, media, or work with international cultural foundations and organizations. The major is an excellent preparation for law school, business school, or other graduate study, as well as careers in the N.G.O. world, teaching, or research.

5 Year BALAS/MA in Slavic Studies (Russian Language, Literature & Culture or Polish Studies concentrations) and European Union Studies

The Department of Slavic Languages & Literatures with the European Union Center offers a 5-year BALAS/MA degree program in Slavic Studies (Russian Language, Literature & Culture or Polish Studies concentrations) and the Master of Arts in European Union Studies (MAEUS). In order to be admitted to this degree program, students apply through a joint application process to their BALAS -granting program and the European Union Center during their third year of studies. Requirements for this degree program are identical to those for the stand-alone BALAS and for the stand-alone MAEUS. Students will receive both degrees when the requirements are met for the degrees; the BALAS and MA degrees will be conferred separately and independently. More detailed information may be obtained from department and EUC offices.