Crafts: Metals, BFA

for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Crafts, Metal Concentration

No longer accepting students: Fall 2019

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The curriculum in Crafts consists of a concentration in Metal. The BFA program focuses on the development of individual artistic and design capabilities, critical perceptions, and the mastery of comprehensive technical skills. The program emphasizes strengths in conceptual and material specialization. The curriculum supports professional training for the self-sustaining visual artist and provides the skills necessary for students to pursue an advanced degree in the arts. The curriculum in Crafts requires 122 credit hours.

for the Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Crafts, Metal Concentration

A portfolio review is required for admission to the School of Art and Design. 

General education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement. Some Art and Design courses will also apply toward the General Education requirements.

Art Foundation

Foundation Requirements16
Contemporary Issues in Art
Art, Design, and Society
Choose one Drawing Course (3 hours):
Observational Drawing
Expressive Drawing
Visualization Drawing
Choose one course in 2D Category (3 hours):
Introduction to Graphic Design
ARTD 160
Introduction to Printmaking
Beginning Painting
Choose one course in 3D Category (3 hours):
Introduction to Industrial Design
Crafts Design
Beginning Sculpture
Choose one course in 4D Category (3 hours):
Image Practice
Time Arts I
Interaction I
Art History Requirements12
Introduction to the History of Art and Visual Culture
200 level and above ARTH courses
Capstone Requirements7
Current Art Issues Seminar
Advanced Studio II
Metal Requirements
ARTS 230Jewelry/Metals I3
ARTS 231Jewelry/Metals II3
ARTS 330Jewelry Metals III3
ARTS 331Jewelry Metals IV3
ARTS 332Metal Technology (repeat twice)4
ARTS 430Jewelry Metals V5
ARTS 431Jewelry Metals VI5
ARTS 333Enamelling3
ARTS 334Metalsmithing3
ARTS 210Ceramics Sculpture I3
ARTS 310Ceramics Sculpture II3
ARTS 250Life Drawing3
ARTD 2603
Select one of the following:6-8
Beginning Sculpture
and Intermediate Sculpture
Industrial Design I
and Industrial Design II
Supportive electives (see advisor) 9
Open electives as needed to total 122 hour degree
Total Hours59-61