General Information

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Academic Catalog is the official listing of courses, programs, and degree requirements for undergraduate and graduate students. Information on courses, curricula, fees, policies, regulations and other matters is subject to change during the period for which the Catalog is in effect.

The class schedule is available each term in the Course Explorer. The class schedule lists those courses that will be offered during specific terms, as well as times and locations. Not all courses listed in this Catalog are offered every term.

Course Descriptions

The Catalog lists courses of instruction alphabetically by subject and numerically by course number. The course number denotes the intended/recommended level of the course:

Courses numbered 000-099 are for preparatory work that does not count toward a degree but do count for tuition and load.

Courses numbered 100-199 are lower level undergraduate courses.

Courses numbered 200-299 are lower level undergraduate courses. 

Courses numbered 300-399 are upper level undergraduate courses.

Courses numbered 400-499 are upper level undergraduate and graduate courses.

Courses numbered 500-599 are graduate level courses.

Courses numbered 600-799 are professional courses (available to College of Medicine, Law, and Veterinary Medicine) and select graduate courses.

Course credit is listed after each course title. The university counts credit in credit hours. Following the credit hours is a brief description of the content, requirements for registration to the course (if any), and other advisory statements. Additional information relating to the course content is available in the Course Explorer. For information on credit policies, see the Student Code.

A crosslisted course refers to a course offered under the same course title by a different department. Courses may be crosslisted with one or more departments and will be noted by the statement: “Same as.” The description of a crosslisted course is found only in the entry for the controlling department. Reference to the controlling department's course is noted by "See...."

Prerequisites are statements that refer to special requirements for registration in certain courses. These may include one or more courses that must be completed prior to, or in the same term. These statements may also recommend knowledge, skills or standards, or class standing that must be demonstrated prior to registration.