Agricultural & Biological Engineering: Agricultural Engineering, BS

for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Agricultural Engineering Concentration

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Agricultural Engineering Concentration

Students pursuing B.S. Degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering choose from one of two concentrations, one of which is the concentration in Agricultural Engineering. This concentration includes the integration of physical and biological sciences as a foundation for engineering applications in agriculture, food systems, energy, natural resources, the environment, and related biological systems. Students pursuing this concentration are involved in the design of systems for renewable energy, off-road equipment, water quality, and the utilization and protection of soil and water resources. Important design constraints are economics, conservation of materials and energy, safety, and environmental quality. Within this concentration, students are strongly encouraged to select a set of coherent courses that constitutes a specialization in their area of career interest either from the following list or a customized area  chosen in consultation with an advisor:

  • Bioenvironmental Engineering
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Off-Road Equipment Engineering
  • Soil and Water Resources Engineering

for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Agricultural Engineering Concentration

Graduation Requirements

Minimum Overall GPA: 2.0

Minimum hours required for graduation: 128 hours

General education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement. One of the SBS courses must be an introductory economics course (ECON 102 or ECON 103 or ACE 100). Specific Advanced Composition course required for this degree is listed below.

Orientation and Professional Development

ABE 100Intro Agric & Biological Engrg 11
ENG 100Engineering Orientation 10
Total Orientation Hours:1

 Foundational Mathematics and Science

CHEM 102General Chemistry I3
CHEM 103General Chemistry Lab I1
CHEM 104General Chemistry II3
CHEM 105General Chemistry Lab II1
MATH 221Calculus I 24
MATH 225Introductory Matrix Theory2
MATH 231Calculus II3
MATH 241Calculus III4
MATH 285Intro Differential Equations3
PHYS 211University Physics: Mechanics4
PHYS 212University Physics: Elec & Mag4
PHYS 213Univ Physics: Thermal Physics2
Total Foundational Mathematics and Science Hours: 34

Agricultural and Biological Engineering Technical Core

For Both Concentrations:
ABE 141ABE Principles: Biological2
ABE 223ABE Principles: Machine Syst2
ABE 224ABE Principles: Soil & Water2
ABE 225ABE Principles: Bioenvironment2
ABE 226ABE Principles: Bioprocessing2
ABE 430Project Management2
ABE 469Industry-Linked Design Project 34
CS 101Intro Computing: Engrg & Sci3
ECE 205Electrical and Electronic Circuits3
SE 101Engineering Graphics & Design3
TAM 210Introduction to Statics 42
or TAM 211 Statics
TAM 212Introductory Dynamics3
Total Agricultural and Biological Engineering Technical Core Hours:30
Total Hours60


The Grainger College of Engineering Liberal Education course list, or additional courses from the campus General Education lists for Social and Behavioral Sciences or Humanities and the Arts 56
Free electives. Additional unrestricted course work, subject to certain exceptions as noted by the College, so that there are at least 128 credit hours earned toward the degree. 66
Total Hours of Curriculum to Graduate128

 Agricultural Engineering Concentration Requirements

ECE 206Electrical and Electronic Circuits Lab1
ME 200Thermodynamics3
TAM 251Introductory Solid Mechanics3
Select one of the following:3
Applied Statistical Methods I 1
Engineering Risk & Uncertainty
Analysis of Data
Statistics and Probability I 1
Select one of the following:4
Momentum and Heat Transfer
Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics
Introductory Fluid Mechanics
This elective course work must be completed to fulfill each Concentration. The subjects build upon the agricultural and biological engineering technical core.
Biological and Natural Sciences Electives (at least 3 hours at 300 or 400 level)6
ANSC 100Intro to Animal Sciences4
ANSC 221Cells, Metabolism and Genetics3
ANSC 350Cellular Metabolism in Animals3
ANSC 350Cellular Metabolism in Animals3
ANSC 363Behavior of Domestic Animals4
ANSC 400Dairy Herd Management3
ANSC 401Beef Production3
ANSC 402Sheep and Goat Production3
ANSC 403Pork Production3
ANSC 404Poultry Science3
ANSC 406Zoo Animal Conservation Sci3
ANSC 450Comparative Immunobiology4
ATMS 201General Physical Meteorology3
ATMS 307Climate Processes3
CHEM 232Elementary Organic Chemistry I3 or 4
CHEM 233Elementary Organic Chem Lab I2
CHEM 312Inorganic Chemistry3
CHEM 332Elementary Organic Chem II4
CHEM 360Chemistry of the Environment3
CHEM 460Green Chemistry3 or 4
CPSC 112Introduction to Crop Sciences4
CPSC 261Biotechnology in Agriculture3
CPSC 265Genetic Engineering Lab3
CPSC 270Applied Entomology3
CPSC 352Plant Genetics4
CPSC 414Forage Crops & Pasture Ecology3
CPSC 415Bioenergy Crops3
CPSC 418Crop Growth and Management3
CPSC 431Plants and Global Change3
CPSC 437Principles of Agroecology3
CPSC 473Mgmt of Field Crop Insects3
FSHN 101The Science of Food and How it Relates to You3
FSHN 414Food Chemistry3
FSHN 416Food Chemistry Laboratory3
FSHN 461
FSHN 471Food & Industrial Microbiology3
GEOL 107Physical Geology4
GEOL 380Environmental Geology4
HORT 100Introduction to Horticulture3
HORT 341Greenhouse Mgmt and Production4
HORT 344Planting for Biodiversity and Aesthetics3
HORT 360Vegetable Crop Production3
HORT 361Small Fruit Production2
HORT 362Tree Fruit Production2
HORT 363Postharvest Handling Hort Crop2
HORT 421Horticultural Physiology4
HORT 435Urban Food Production3
IB 103Introduction to Plant Biology4
IB 150Organismal & Evolutionary Biol4
IB 151Organismal & Evol Biol Lab1
IB 203Ecology4
IB 329Animal Behavior3
IB 335Plant Systematics4
IB 411Bioinspiration3
IB 420Plant Physiology3
IB 439Biogeography3
IB 444Insect Ecology3 or 4
IB 452Ecosystem Ecology3
IB 482Insect Pest Management3
IB 485Environ Toxicology & Health3
IB 486Pesticide Toxicology3 or 4
MCB 100Introductory Microbiology3
MCB 101Intro Microbiology Laboratory2
MCB 150Molec & Cellular Basis of Life4
MCB 151Molec & Cellular Laboratory1
MCB 244Human Anatomy & Physiology I3
MCB 245Human Anat & Physiol Lab I2
MCB 250Molecular Genetics3
MCB 251Exp Techniqs in Molecular Biol2
MCB 252Cells, Tissues & Development3
MCB 253Exp Techniqs in Cellular Biol2
MCB 300Microbiology3
MCB 301Experimental Microbiology3
MCB 314Introduction to Neurobiology3
MCB 316Genetics and Disease4
MCB 450Introductory Biochemistry3
NRES 201Introductory Soils4
NRES 219Applied Ecology3
NRES 348Fish and Wildlife Ecology3
NRES 351Introduction to Environmental Chemistry3
NRES 419Env and Plant Ecosystems3
NRES 420Restoration Ecology4
NRES 429Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation3
NRES 439Env and Sustainable Dev3
NRES 471Pedology3
NRES 475Environmental Microbiology3
NRES 487Soil Chemistry3
NRES 488Soil Fertility and Fertilizers3
PLPA 204
PLPA 405Plant Disease Diagnosis & Mgmt3
PLPA 407
Technical electives chosen in consultation with an advisor. At least 8 hours must be Agricultural and Biological Engineering courses15
ABE 341Transport Processes in ABE3
ABE 361Off-Road Machine Design3
ABE 425Engrg Measurement Systems4
ABE 436Renewable Energy Systems3 or 4
ABE 446Biological Nanoengineering3 or 4
ABE 454Environmental Soil Physics3
ABE 455Erosion and Sediment Control2
ABE 456Land & Water Resources Engrg3 or 4
ABE 457NPS Pollution Processes2
ABE 458NPS Pollution Modeling2
ABE 459Drainage and Water Management3 or 4
ABE 463Electrohydraulic Systems3
ABE 466Engineering Off-Road Vehicles3
ABE 474Indoor Environmental Control3 or 4
ABE 476Indoor Air Quality Engineering4
ABE 482Package Engineering3
ABE 483Engineering Properties of Food Materials3
ABE 488Bioprocessing Biomass for Fuel4
BIOE 301
BIOE 416Biosensors3
BIOE 461Cellular Biomechanics4
BIOE 467Biophotonics3
BIOE 473
BIOE 474
BIOE 476Tissue Engineering3
CHBE 221Principles of CHE3
CHBE 422Mass Transfer Operations4
CHBE 424Chemical Reaction Engineering3
CHBE 471Biochemical Engineering3 or 4
CHBE 472Techniques in Biomolecular Eng3 or 4
CHBE 473Biomolecular Engineering3 or 4
CHBE 475Tissue Engineering3
CHBE 476Biotransport3
CHBE 478Bioenergy Technology3
CEE 300Behavior of Materials4
CEE 330Environmental Engineering3
CEE 350Water Resources Engineering3
CEE 360Structural Engineering3
CEE 380Geotechnical Engineering3
CEE 430Ecological Quality Engineering2
CEE 432Stream Ecology3 or 4
CEE 434Environmental Systems I3
CEE 437Water Quality Engineering3
CEE 440Fate Cleanup Environ Pollutant4
CEE 442Environmental Engineering Principles, Physical4
CEE 443Env Eng Principles, Chemical4
CEE 444Env Eng Principles, Biological4
CEE 445Air Quality Modeling4
CEE 446Air Quality Engineering4
CEE 447Atmospheric Chemistry4
CEE 449Environmental Engineering Lab3
CEE 450Surface Hydrology3
CEE 451Environmental Fluid Mechanics3
CEE 452Hydraulic Analysis and Design3
CEE 453Urban Hydrology and Hydraulics4
CEE 457Groundwater3
CEE 458Water Resources Field Methods4
CEE 461Reinforced Concrete I3
CEE 463Reinforced Concrete II3 or 4
CEE 465Design of Structural Systems3
CEE 470Structural Analysis4
CEE 480
CEE 483Soil Mechanics and Behavior4
CEE 484Applied Soil Mechanics3 or 4
CS 466Introduction to Bioinformatics3 or 4
ECE 333Green Electric Energy3
ECE 468Optical Remote Sensing3
ECE 470Introduction to Robotics4
ECE 481Nanotechnology4
ENG 471Seminar Energy & Sustain Engrg1
SE 320Control Systems4
SE 423Mechatronics3
IE 431Design for Six Sigma3
ME 320Heat Transfer4
ME 330Engineering Materials4
ME 340Dynamics of Mechanical Systems3.5
ME 370Mechanical Design I3
ME 371Mechanical Design II3
ME 400Energy Conversion Systems3 or 4
ME 402Design of Thermal Systems3 or 4
ME 403Internal Combustion Engines3 or 4
ME 461Computer Cntrl of Mech Systems3 or 4
ME 483Mechanobiology4
MSE 280Engineering Materials3
MSE 401Thermodynamics of Materials3
MSE 470Design and Use of Biomaterials3
MSE 473Biomolecular Materials Science3
MSE 474Biomaterials and Nanomedicine3
MSE 489Matl Select for Sustainability3 or 4
NPRE 201Energy Systems2 or 3
NPRE 470Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Sources3
NPRE 475Wind Power Systems3 or 4

Suggested Sequence

The curriculum sequence below is a suggested sequence, as all Grainger Engineering students work with a department academic advisor to achieve their educational goals, specific to their needs and preparation. Dynamic and Static curricular maps, which include prerequisite sequencing, can be found here.

First Year
First SemesterHours
ABE 100Intro Agric Biological Engrg1
ENG 100Engineering Orientation0
MATH 2211Calculus I4
CHEM 102General Chemistry I3
CHEM 103General Chemistry Lab I1
RHET 105 or SE 1012Writing and Research4-3
General education elective3,43
 Semester Hours16-15
Second Semester
ABE 141ABE Principles: Biological2
MATH 231Calculus II3
CHEM 104General Chemistry II3
CHEM 105General Chemistry Lab II1
PHYS 211University Physics: Mechanics4
SE 101 or RHET 1052Engineering Graphics Design3-4
 Semester Hours16-17
Second Year
First Semester
ABE 223ABE Principles: Machine Syst2
ABE 224ABE Principles: Soil Water2
MATH 241Calculus III4
PHYS 212University Physics: Elec Mag4
CS 101Intro Computing: Engrg Sci3
TAM 210 or 2115Introduction to Statics2
 Semester Hours17
Second Semester
ABE 225ABE Principles: Bioenvironment2
ABE 226ABE Principles: Bioprocessing2
MATH 225Introductory Matrix Theory2
MATH 285Intro Differential Equations3
PHYS 213Univ Physics: Thermal Physics2
TAM 212Introductory Dynamics3
General education elective3,43
 Semester Hours17
Third Year
First Semester
CEE 202, IE 300, ABE 440, or STAT 4005Engineering Risk Uncertainty3
ECE 205Electrical and Electronic Circuits3
TAM 335, CHBE 421, or ME 310Introductory Fluid Mechanics4
Agricultural and biological engineering technical elective63
General education elective3,43
 Semester Hours16
Second Semester
ECON 103, 102, or ACE 1003Macroeconomic Principles3
ME 200Thermodynamics3
ECE 206Electrical and Electronic Circuits Lab1
TAM 251Introductory Solid Mechanics3
Agricultural and biological engineering technical elective63
Biological and Natural Sciences Electives73
 Semester Hours16
Fourth Year
First Semester
ABE 430Project Management2
Agricultural and biological engineering technical elective63
Other technical elective63
General education elective3,43
Free elective3
 Semester Hours14
Second Semester
ABE 4694Industry-Linked Design Project4
Biological and natural sciences elective73
Other technical elective63
General education elective3,43
Free elective3
 Semester Hours16
 Total Hours: 128