English, BALAS

for the degree of Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences Major in English

department website: https://www.english.illinois.edu/

department faculty: English Faculty

advising: https://www.english.illinois.edu/undergraduate/advising/

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college website: https://las.illinois.edu/

Undergraduate Degree Programs in English


English, BALAS with concentrations:

English, English Concentration, BALAS

English, English Teaching Concentration, BALAS

English, Topics in English Concentration, BALAS

Creative Writing, BALAS

Departmental Distinction: Students interested in graduating with distinction or high distinction are encouraged to consult the departmental honors adviser. In addition, students interested in the departmental honors program should contact the English department advising office.


for the degree of Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Arts & Sciences: Major in English

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