Interdisciplinary Minor in Aging

for the Interdisciplinary Minor in Aging

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The Interdisciplinary Minor in Aging provides students with the opportunity to study aging as it relates to health, communication, development and activity. The minor is offered through the College of Applied Health Sciences.  There are no prerequisites for the minor.   Minors should be declared by filling out the intent to pursue a minor form which can be found at and turning the form into Julie Bobitt, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Program , in 228 Huff Hall or contact Julie via email at

Required Courses9
IHLT 240, Health and Aging Policy
The Psychology of Aging
Additional aging-related courses chosen from the following list: 19
Physical Activity & Aging
Death & Dying
Social Work Services for Older Adults
Special Topics 2
Leisure and Human Development
Leisure and Consumer Culture
Communication and Aging
Exercise Instruction & Elderly
Adult Learning and Development
Planning for Healthy Cities
Total Hours18