Disability Studies Minor

for the Undergraduate Minor in Disability Studies

department website: http://www.kch.illinois.edu/

department faculty: Kinesiology & Community Health Faculty

college catalog page: Applied Health Sciences

college website: http://www.ahs.illinois.edu/

To declare the minor or ask questions about the requirements, please contact:
Dr. John Kosciulek; jkosciul@illinois.edu; 217-244-3386

Programs in Community Health and Kinesiology

Undergraduate Programs:

major: Community Health, BS

concentration: Community Health: Health Education & Promotion, BS

concentration: Community Health: Health Planning & Administration, BS

concentration: Community Health: Rehabilitation Studies, BS

major: Kinesiology, BS

concentration: Kinesiology: Teacher Certification, BS

minor: Kinesiology

minor: Disability Studies

joint degree: Community Health, BS and Public Health, MPH

joint degree: Community Health, BS and Epidemiology, MPH

joint degree: Kinesiology, BS and Public Health, MPH

joint degree: Kinesiology, BS and Epidemiology, MPH

joint degree: Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, BS & Epidemiology, MPH

Graduate Programs:

degree: Kinesiology, MS

degree: Kinesiology, PhD

degree: Community Health, MS

degree: Rehabilitation, MS

degree: Public Health, MPH

joint degree: Community Health, BS and Public Health, MPH

joint degree: Kinesiology, BS and Public Health, MPH

The Community Health Program at the University of Illinois prepares students in the ever changing world of health care and health behavior as practitioners and offers three concentrations at the undergraduate level: Health Education & Promotion, Health Planning & Administration, and Rehabilitation Studies. All curricula are built on a foundation of general education courses which emphasize communication skills and critical thinking. The Professional Core courses are designed to help students develop skills in planning, implementation, and evaluation in the context of health services and programs. Students must complete an internship during their senior year in a setting related to the degree and their interests. Recent internship sites have included the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, hospitals, nursing homes, fitness centers, work site health education programs, and substance abuse prevention centers.

A 5 year BS/MPH joint degree program is available for students majoring in Community Health, I-Health, or Kinesiology. Students apply for the program in the latter part of their third year (junior year) of study. Students accepted into the BS MPH joint degree program take 12 credit hours of coursework in their senior year that apply to both BS and MPH degrees. In the 5th year of study, students complete the remaining requirements for the MPH degree, and graduate simultaneously with both BS and MPH degrees. A summary of the requirements for the MPH degree is provided here. The requirements are explained in more detail on the MPH program website: http://www.mph.illinois.edu/Program/.

for the Undergraduate Minor in Disability Studies

The undergraduate Minor in Disability Studies focuses on the physical, behavioral, biological, and social aspects of disability and chronic health conditions. The minor can include coursework from a broad array of departments, thus accommodating students from different disciplines across the campus. There are no prerequisites for this minor.  The curriculum blends cultural and clinical perspectives of disability in society to allow for multiple approaches to understanding disability and to enable individual tailoring to meet students’ varied career interests.

Please refer to https://provost.illinois.edu/education/advising-resources/pursuing-undergraduate-minor/ for additional information regarding policies related to undergraduate minors.

Minimum required course work: Students must take at least six hours of advanced (300-level or 400-level courses) and six hours of coursework must be distinct from credit earned for the student’s major or another minor.

Minimum hours required for completion: 19 hours.

Foundational Courses:7
Disability in American Society
Medical Aspects of Disability
Select one course from the following list of Core Options:3
Disability in Recreation, Sport and Tourism
Hearing Health and Society
Disability, Culture & Society
Adapted Physical Education
Additional Content Courses Chosen from the following list of electives:9
Disability Design
Intro to Health Communication
Interpersonal Health Comm
Organizational Health Comm
Communication & Health Equity
Child Fam with Special Needs
Feminist Disability Studies
Work and Disability
Diversity in Recreation, Sport, and Tourism
Language & Culture of Deaf Communities
Communication and Aging
Comm Competence and Disorders
Social Work and Disability Studies
Introduction to Intellectual Disability
Total Hours19