Public Health, MPH

for the Master of Public Health in Public Health

Department Head: Kim Graber

Director of Graduate Studies: Steven Petruzzello

Interim Director of Program: Laura Rice

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Graduate Office: Julie Jenkins

Graduate Office Address: 906 South Goodwin Ave, 112 Freer Hall MC-052, Urbana, IL 61801

Graduate Phone: (217) 333-1083

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Joint Programs:

Public Health, MPH & Community Health, PhD

Public Health, MPH & Food Science & Human Nutrition, PhD

Public Health, MPH & Human Development & Family Studies, PhD

Public Health, MPH & Kinesiology, PhD

Public Health, MPH & Nutritional Science, PhD

Public Health, MPH & Social Work, PhD

Public Health, MPH & Urban Planning, MUP


How to Apply for MPH:

How to Apply for BS-MPH:

for the Master of Public Health in Public Health

The MPH degree program requires a minimum of 48 hours.  The program includes:

  1. six required core courses in basic content areas of public health
  2. three required courses in the Health Behavior and Promotion concentration, as well as one additional concentration course from an approved list
  3. a required applied practice experience
  4. a required integrative learning experience
  5. seminars and electives

MPH students must complete all core coursework before enrolling in the MPH applied practice experience.  It is highly preferable for the applied practice experience to occur during summer term. The integrative learning experience must be completed in the last term of study.  There is no thesis requirement.  A pre-requisite for applying to the MPH program is a college level course in mathematics, statistics, biostatistics, or epidemiology.  Applications for the Master of Public Health (MPH) are only accepted for Fall admission, and are accepted until April 1.  The program generally takes 1.5 to 2 years to complete.  University of Illinois undergraduate students who major in Kinesiology, Community Health, or I-Health are eligible to apply for a 5 year joint BS-MPH degree program after their 3rd (junior) year of undergraduate study.  Students in the BS-MPH program begin some MPH coursework in their 4th (senior) year of undergraduate study, and take MPH coursework in a 5th year of study in fall, spring, and summer terms.

For additional details and requirements refer to the department's Graduate Handbook and the Graduate College Handbook.

CHLH 410Public Health Practice4
CHLH/ENVS 469Environmental Health4
CHLH/KIN 540Health Behavior: Theory4
CHLH 550Health Policy: United States4
CHLH 572Principles of Epidemiology4
CHLH 573Biostatistics in Public Health4
CHLH 575Chronic Disease Prevention4
CHLH 577Health Program Evaluation4
CHLH 587MPH Applied Practice Experience4
CHLH 589MPH Integrative Learning Experience2
CHLH 594Special Topics1 to 4
Area of concentration coursework from approved list (min 3)3
Electives and seminars (min 3)3
Total Hours48

Other Requirements1

Other requirements may overlap
Minimum 500-level Hours Required Overall: 12 (8 within the unit)
Minimum GPA: 3.0