Public Health, MPH & Urban Planning, MUP

for the degrees of Master of Public Health in Public Health and Master of Urban Planning in Urban Planning

Master of Public Health

Department Head: Kim Graber

Director of Graduate Studies: John Kosciulek

Director of Program: Justine Kaplan

Graduate Office: Julie Jenkins

Graduate Office Address: 906 South Goodwin Ave, 112 Freer Hall MC-052, Urbana, IL 61801

Graduate Phone: (217) 333-1083

Graduate email:

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Master of Urban Planning

Director of MUP Program: Bumsoo Lee

Department Website:

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In the joint program, up to 12 hours of coursework may be applied to both degrees, and the degrees are conferred simultaneously at the completion of the program.

Electives from PhD departmental list may be met by MPH core courses. Additionally, the fourth MPH concentration course and elective course may be met by PhD core courses.

Students enrolled in the joint degree program must meet with academic advisors from both the programs to determine the exact plan of study throughout the joint degree program.

Candidates may propose joint programs combining the M.U.P. with other UIUC master's degrees (for example, but not limited to, African Studies, Agriculture and Applied Economics, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Public Health, Economics, Landscape Architecture, Latin American Studies, Library and Information Sciences, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences, and Recreation, Sports and Tourism). For joint programs, at least 40 hours must be in Urban Planning, including all core courses and capstone requirements. The two programs must total a minimum of (a) 80 hours, or (b) the sum of 40 Urban Planning hours plus the required number of hours for the second degree, whichever is greater. (In the latter case, the other program may at its discretion count up to 8 hours of Urban Planning courses as electives in meeting its degree requirements as long as students are required to take no fewer than 40 additional hours in that program.) The MUP capstone requirement may be waived for a thesis completed in another program provided faculty from both programs participate on the thesis committee. Students must be in residence in Urban Planning for at least two semesters.

Consult the department's M.U.P. website for more information about the admissions process and  joint degree requirements. joint degree requirements. For additional guidance, please contact the Director of the M.U.P. Program.