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for the Minor in Public Relations

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The Public Relations (PR) minor is designed to provide undergraduate students with a foundational understanding of how public relations practitioners manage relationships between organizations and their stakeholders and manage the reputations of those organizations. Courses within the PR minor will help students develop skills in writing, research, strategic planning, relationship management, and crisis communication that can be applied in business, nonprofit, or government contexts.

Students who plan to pursue careers in public relations, advertising, journalism, communications, marketing, or other related fields will find that the PR minor serves as a valuable complement to the courses in their major. Students from other majors who wish to have a better understanding of the role public relations plays in organizations and who wish to sharpen skills in writing, persuasion, strategic planning, and public communication will also benefit from the minor. The minor requires a minimum of 18 credit hours. Students majoring in Advertising or Journalism must complete at least six hours of advanced course work for the minor distinct from credits earned for their major.

Programs in Advertising

Undergraduate Programs:

major: Advertising, BS

major: Computer Science & Advertising, BS

minor: Media Public Relations

Graduate Programs:

degree: Advertising, MS

degree: Strategic Brand Communication, MS

for the Minor in Public Relations

Foundations of public relations9
Courses all students must complete:
Introduction to Journalism
Intro to Public Relations
Public Relations Strategies
Writing for public relations and media3-4
Students must select one course from:
Writing for Public Relations
Newsgathering Across Platforms
Communicating Public Policy
Advanced topics in public relations6
Students must select two courses from:
Advertising and Society
Advanced Special Topics in Advertising 1
Persuasion Consumer Response
Working with the Press
Crisis Communications
Special Topics 1
Strategies of Persuasion
Propaganda and Modern Society
Health Communication Campaigns
Total Hours18-19