Cinema Studies Undergraduate Minor

Minor in Cinema Studies - Undergraduate

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The Minor in Cinema Studies provides undergraduate students with certain core courses in the discipline while also allowing them the freedom to explore the various approaches to the subject presented by different departments.

Programs in Cinema Studies

Undergraduate Programs:

major: Media & Cinema Studies, BS

minor: Cinema Studies

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minor: Cinema Studies


Required Courses12
MACS 203Contemporary Movies3
MACS 261Survey of World Cinema I3
MACS 262Survey of World Cinema II3
MACS 361Film Theory and Criticism3
Select one course from EITHER Non-US Cinema OR Identity Culture and Politics3
Non-US Cinema (Contact department for complete list)
Indian Cinema in Context
French & Comparative Cinema I
French & Comparative Cinema II
Russian & East European Film
Japanese Cinema
Topics in Italian Cinema
Green Screen: Film and Nature
German Cinema I
African Film and Society
Introduction to Italian Cinema
Identity Culture and Politics (Contact department for complete list)
Introduction to Documentary
Intro to African-American Film
Latina/os on the Bronze Screen
Am Indian and Indigenous Film
Film, TV, and Gender
Sex & Gender in Popular Media
Asian American Media and Film
Latina/o Media in the US
Black Women and Film
Commodifying Difference
Politics of Popular Culture
Watching the Environment
21st Century Documentaries
Minority Images in Amer Film
Select one additional course (300-level or above) on film offered by or cross-listed with MACS, other than those used to fulfill the requirements above3