College of Applied Health Sciences

Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell, Dean
Reginald Alston, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
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Champaign, IL 61820
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undergraduate admissions:

The programs in the College of Applied Health Sciences provide students with a holistic understanding of health and human behavior.  Drawing on the expertise of our faculty and industry partners, we equip students to design, develop and implement initiatives that enhance health and well-being.  Students with an interest in health professions, administration, environmental stewardship, social and economic development of communities, education and advocacy or public policy can find a program of study that will match their interest in the College of Applied Health Sciences.

As America's approach to health and wellness changes, health care is no longer limited to the traditional practice of doctors and nurses. As a result, the growth market lies in areas related to prevention, quality of life, changing leisure needs, health planning, and therapeutic intervention. As society struggles with these issues, the College and its graduates will continue to play an important role in shaping the future. A degree from the College of Applied Health Studies allows graduates to pursue a wide array of scientific and professional careers.

Students in the College of Applied Health Sciences enjoy many advantages: high quality degree programs, small classes, an emphasis on student-faculty interaction, active research programs, the opportunity to participate in professional student organizations, the availability of internships, and the largest separate college library in our field.

Along with the relationships they establish with faculty, students work closely with an academic adviser. The College of Applied Health Sciences requires students to meet with advisers to develop a relationship that will guide their studies and experiences while on campus. A solid network of student services available at the University of Illinois enhances the advising experience.

We offer degree programs in five academic areas: Community Health, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Recreation, Sport and Tourism, and Speech and Hearing Science.

  • Advising services are available to assist with career information and the development of appropriate courses of study.
  • Honors programs are available for outstanding students at the college and campus level.
  • Internship experiences are required with most departmental curricula. Quality placements are available throughout the United States and around the world in specific degree programs.
  • Study abroad programs are available around the world.
  • Students have access to the nation's third largest academic library, including an excellent college library, reference service, inter library loan system, and term-paper counseling system.
  • Students engage with College of Applied Health Sciences faculty as early as their freshman year including the opportunity to participate in world-class research.

Honors at Graduation

Graduation from the College of Applied Health Sciences with any honors designation requires that a student must have attained at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign a specific minimum cumulative grade point average based on a minimum of 55 semester hours in residence.

  • Bronze Tablet (see Honors section)
  • Dean's List (see Honors section)
  • Highest Honors: 3.75 to 4.0
  • High Honors: 3.5 to 3.74
  • Honors: 3.25 to 3.49

Edmund James Scholars

The James Scholar Program is a University-wide honors program established to encourage undergraduate research and independent study and to foster scholarly endeavors (see James Scholar Honors Program).