Dance, BA & Kinesiology, BS

for the dual degree of Bachelor of Arts Major in Dance and the Bachelor of Science, Major in Kinesiology

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The BA curriculum in dance is designed to provide an integrated and individualized approach to undergraduate studies of dance. The degree is designed for students who want to explore interdisciplinary approaches to art-making, and simultaneously pursue a a major or minor in other discipline. Students will study three core areas in Dance: Technique, Creative Process, and Dance Academics. The key other area of interest for this Dual Degree Pathway is Kinesiology. Under the mentorship of a faculty member, students will create a BA Capstone Project in their senior year as a synthesis of the studies within dance and another area of study.

Students pursuing a Dance degree at the University of Illinois must be admitted to the BFA in Dance (audition required). Once admitted, those desiring a broader education may choose to apply for admittance into the BA in Dance, rather than continuing in the BFA.

The Kinesiology curriculum leads to a bachelor of science degree that will prepare students for careers in human movement-related fields and/or advanced professional or graduate study. The undergraduate program provides the student with a broad general education, a departmental core integral to the understanding of the diverse aspects of human movement, and a correlate area of courses specific to the student's area of concentration within Kinesiology, which in this Dual Degree Pathway, is Dance.

for the dual degree of Bachelor of Arts Major in Dance and the Bachelor of Science, Major in Kinesiology

Students are expected to follow all the degree requirements of each degree and may double-count courses, provided the total number of credit hours earned is 158.

General Education

Composition I4
Advanced Composition (KIN 340 fulfills requirement)3
Quantitative Reasoning I & II
From the approved campus list (KIN 201 fulfills QRII requirement)6
Humanities and Arts
DANC 100Intro to Contemporary Dance3
DANC 340Dancing Black Popular Culture3
Behavioral and Social Sciences
KIN 140Social Sci of Human Movement (Social Science)3
KIN 259Motor Development and Control3
Natural Sciences
KIN 150Bioscience of Human Movement (Life Science)3
From the approved campus physical science list 3
Cultural Studies
DANC 100 Intro to Contemporary Dance3
DANC 340 Dancing Black Popular Culture3
From Non-Western Cultures approved campus list 3
General Education courses, beyond Dance/Kinesiology requirements16
Language Other than English: Completion through the third level of the same language in high school or college 0-15

Dance Requirements

Foundation Course
DANC 150The Green Room1
Technique/Physical Practice
DANC 160Dancing Techniques I (1-3 hours per enrollment, repeatable)4
DANC 260Dancing Techniques II (1-3 hours per enrollment, repeatable)4
Courses from Technique/Physical Practice Elective list, see BA Dance10
Creative Process/Performance and Production
DANC 262Choreographic Process I2
DANC 362Choreographic Process II2
Courses from Creative Process/Performance and Production Elective list, see BA Dance7
Dance Academics
DANC 100Intro to Contemporary Dance3
DANC 340Dancing Black Popular Culture3
Courses from Dance Academics Elective list, see BA Dance12
DANC 497BA Senior Thesis Symposium3
Hours in non-Dance classes
Met by Kinesiology courses below0
Total Hours51

Kinesiology Requirements

Speech Performance
CMN 101 or CMN 111 and CMN 1123
MCB 244
MCB 245
Human Anatomy & Physiology I
and Human Anat & Physiol Lab I
MCB 246
MCB 247
Human Anatomy & Physiology II
and Human Anat & Physiol Lab II
Kinesiology and Community Health Department Core
CHLH 101Introduction to Public Health3
KIN 122Physical Activity and Health3
Kinesiology Core Requirements
KIN 125Orientation KIN & Comm Health1
KIN 140Social Sci of Human Movement3
KIN 150Bioscience of Human Movement3
KIN 201Physical Activity Research Methods3
KIN 259Motor Development and Control3
KIN 340Social & Psychological Aspects of Physical Activity3
KIN 352Bioenergetics of Movement3
KIN 355Biomechanics of Human Movement3
Elective Kinesiology Courses
All courses must be at the 200, 300, or 400 level. At least six(6) hours must be at the 400 level.12
Correlate Area Studies
This requirement is fulfilled by completing a minimum of 18 credit hours of Dance courses.0
Total Hours53

Summary of Degree Requirements

General Education courses, beyond Dance/Kinesiology requirements16
Language Other than English 0-15
Dance courses52
Kinesiology courses53
Open Electives22-37
Total Minimum Hours for Dual Degrees158