Speech & Hearing Science Minor

for the Speech & Hearing Science Minor

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The undergraduate Speech and Hearing Science Minor is designed for students who seek a basic familiarity with the physical, behavioral, biological, and social aspects of human communication. The minor is tailored to each student’s individual needs, thus accommodating students from different disciplines across the campus. There are no prerequisites for this minor. For more information contact Kathi Ritten, Academic Advisor, at ritten@illinois.edu.

Minimum required major and supporting course work: Students must meet the following course requirements for a total of 17-19 hours.

SHS 170Intro Hum Comm Sys & Disorders3
Select two of the following:6-7
Language & Culture of Deaf Communities
Intro Sound & Hearing Science
Anat & Physiol Spch Mechanism
Development of Spoken Language
Hearing Health and Society
Eight (8) to nine (9) additional hours of speech and hearing science courses chosen from the following list, with at least six (6) credit hours at the 300-400 level.8-9
Child, Comm, & Lang Ability
General Phonetics
Communication and Aging
Communication Neuroscience
General Speech Science
Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders Across Communication Contexts
Comm Partners & Health
Comm Competence and Disorders
Neuroplasticity and Communication
Language and the Brain
Intro Audiol & Hear Disorders
Aural Rehab Children to Adults
Augmentative & Alt Comm