Special Education, EDM

Psychological Foundations Courses in Educational Psychology
Select one of the following:4
Psyc of Learning in Education
Child Language and Education
Sociocultural Infl on Learning
Adjustment in School Settings
Personality and Soc Dev
Psyc of Classroom Management
Adult Learning and Development
Learning & Hum Dev w/ EdTech
Early Adolescent Development
Assessing Student Performance
Developments in Educ Psyc
Philosophical and Social Foundations Courses in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership
Select one of the following:4
Poli & Cultural Context of Ed
History of American Education
History of Educational Ideas
Asian American Education
European Education to 1600
European Education since 1600
Historical & Social Barriers
Professional Ethics in Education
School and Society
Critical Thinking in Education
Aesthetic Education
Technology & Educational Reform
Sociology of Education
Racial and Ethnic Families
Politics of Education
Economics of Education
Comparative Education
Select a minimum of 18 hours from the following:18
Disability Issues in SPED
Supervised Prac in SPED
Collaborative Leaders in SPED
Leadership in ECSE
Field Study and Thesis Seminar
Elective Hours: 6
400/500-Level Hours Required: 6 hours (Independent Study included)
Research/Project/Independent Study Hours (min/max applied toward degree):0-6
Total Hours32

Other Requirements:1

Program/Licensure Requirements 10-61 hours depending on emphasis, http://education.illinois.edu/sped/programs
Minimum GPA 3.0