Bilingual-Bicultural Education Concentration

for the Graduate Concentration in Bilingual-Bicultural Education (on campus & online)

head of the department: Sarah McCarthey

director of graduate studies: Gloriana Gonzalez

graduate admissions information: Mitzi Koeberlein

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department office: 142 Education Building, 1310 South Sixth Street, Champaign, IL 61820

phone: (217) 244-3542


This concentration is available for:

Curriculum and Instruction, EdD|Curriculum and Instruction, EdM|Curriculum and Instruction, MA|Curriculum and Instruction, MS|Curriculum and Instruction, CAS

Early Childhood Education, EdM|

Educational Policy, Organization & Leadership, EdD|Educational Policy, Organization & Leadership, EdM|Educational Policy, Organization & Leadership, MA|

Educational Psychology, EdM|Educational Psychology, MA|Educational Psychology, MS|

Elementary Education, EdM|

Secondary Education, EdM|

Special Education, EdM|Special Education, MS|

PhD students seeking a concentration should select the SLATE concentration offered by Linguistics instead.

Students may add the concentration to the Curriculum and Instruction online EdM program at the time of admission or petition to add the concentration during their degree program in the majors listed above.

for the Graduate Concentration in Bilingual-Bicultural Education (on campus & online)

Students in the C & I EDM without licensure program will have a 36 hour program including electives and foundations courses. All other Curriculum and Instruction programs allow this concentration to count toward the program hours.

Students pursuing this concentration in Educational Psychology or Special Education will be required to complete the required coursework (20 hours) in excess of their program of study.

Educational Policy, Organization and Leadership students will complete the required coursework (20 hours) in excess of their program of study unless they are in the Learning Design and Leadership concentration. CI 433 and CI 517 may be counted towards both the concentration and the degree.

CI 433Foundations of Bilingual Education4
CI 477Bilingual/ESL Methods & Materials4
CI 446Culture in the Classroom4
CI 507Problems & Trends in Special Fields4
CI 517Bilingual and English as a Second Language Assessment4
Total Hours20

Students seeking a Bilingual or ESL endorsement from ISBE have additional requirements:

Students may substitute EIL 486, LING 489, EIL 460, or EIL 411 for C & I courses in the appropriate content areas with permission from the C & I Department.