Technology Management, MS

Master of Science in Technology Management

The Master of Science in Technology Management is focused on understanding how to manage the dynamic environment found in a technology-based enterprise. The curriculum covers core business topics tailored to address the issues and challenges inherent in companies that depend on technology. The course work of this intensive 12-month long program includes product development, marketing, simulation and risk analysis, finance, and strategy, as well as managing processes, intellectual property, innovation, human resources, and an option of an internship or curricular practical training - all focusing on technology. This is an intensive program for those who use, deploy, shape, or create technology.

In addition to formal coursework, students participate in a series of management development seminars, which provide an overview of American business concepts and practices. Business and industry field trips, seminars with American executives, and other special activities provide another dimension to the program.

Currently, the MSTM program is offering two tracks, Graduate and Advancement. The Graduate Track is designed for students recently graduated from undergraduate programs in the sciences, mathematics, engineering, and business. The Advancement track is designed for career professionals. To reflect the experiential knowledge possessed by members of the Advancement track, coursework requirements are slightly different in each track.

Students have the option of pursuing a concentration within the 40 hours of coursework in one of three areas: Business Data Analytics, Information Technology and Control, or Supply Chain Management. Students have the option of pursuing an internship in their first or third semester, depending on the track admitted to.

Required Core32-36
Total Hours40

Other Requirements1

Other requirements may overlap
Minimum 500-level Hours Required Overall: 28
Minimum GPA: 2.75