Supply Chain Management Graduate Minor

for the Graduate Minor in Supply Chain Management

Head of the Department: Carlos Javier Torelli
Associate Dean of Graduate Education: Jeffrey Loewenstein

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department office: 350 Wohlers Hall, 1206 S. Sixth Street, Champaign, IL 61820
phone:(217) 333-4240

This minor is available for these programs:

Accountancy, MAS

Accountancy, MS

Business Administration, MBA

Technology Management, MS 

The minor in Supply Chain Management is designed to develop leaders who understand (1) how to assess the trade-offs and make the decisions necessary to sustain high quality products and services at lower costs while maintaining the flexibility necessary to adapt and to respond to evolving market trends; and (2) how to coordinate and integrate supply chain solutions across various intra -organizational and inter -organizational interfaces in any business or organization. The minor or concentration not only will provide a strong foundation in supply chain management principles and practices, but also can be tailored to fit the specific needs of students interested in careers across a wide variety of industries. This minor or concentration requires submission of twelve graduate hours of Supply Chain Management coursework. Successful completion of the minor or concentration assumes certain knowledge of business and prior coursework.

Graduate Degree Programs in Business Administration


Business Administration, MBA (online-iMBA)

Business Administration, MS   

with optional concentrations: AccountancyBusiness Data Analytics, Business & Public Policy, Corporate Governance & International BusinessFinance, Supply Chain Management

Business Analytics, MS

Management, MS

with optional concentrations: Business Data Analytics, Finance, Corporate Governance & International Business

Technology Management, MS 

with optional concentrations: AccountancyBusiness Data Analytics, Business & Public Policy, Finance, Information Technology & Control, Supply Chain Management

Business Administration, PhD


Information Technology & Control

Corporate Governance & International Business

Supply Chain Management


Business Data Analytics

Corporate Governance & International Business

Information Technology & Control

Supply Chain Management


Digital Marketing, CERT

Entrepreneurship & Strategic Innovation, CERT

Financial Management, CERT

Global Challenges in Business, CERT

Managerial Economics & Business Analysis, CERT

Strategic Leadership Management, CERT

Value Chain Management, CERT

Joint Degree Program:

Accountancy, MS (iMSA) & Business Administration, MBA (iMBA)


Admission to the minor or concentration requires submitting a Curriculum Change Form to the Department and Graduate College and admission to one of the approved programs. Admission is limited, and acceptance is on a competitive basis.

for the Graduate Minor in Supply Chain Management

In addition to the minor requirements, students must also complete the requirements of their major degree.

Please contact your department for more information regarding the addition of a minor to your program of study.

BADM 566Supply Chain Management2-4
BADM 567Process Management2-4
Select from the following:
BADM 564Business Process Improvement4
BADM 565Strategic Sourcing4
BADM 575Supply Chain Analytics4
BADM 589Project Management2 or 4
Total Hours:12