Accountancy, MS (iMSA) and Business Administration, MBA (iMBA)

for the joint degrees of Master of Science in Accountancy and Master of Business Administration in Business Administration (online)

chair of department: Michael Donohoe

director of graduate studies: Rachel Schwartz (MSA); Oktay Urcan (iMSA)

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The Joint Degrees in Master of Science in Accountancy and Master of Business Administration in Business Administration can be completed online.

This fully online joint master’s degree provides students with a broad, deep knowledge in business and accounting. Students will build and master skills in the following areas: technical accounting, business management, data analytics, finance, leadership, marketing, and strategy. The joint degree delivers a high-quality program that is accessible to a global audience. The highly-engaging delivery format and our world-renowned faculty provide students with a handson,practice-oriented, and team-based learning experience. It caters to learners who need flexibility and convenience in order to balance work with academic life. The residential MBA can be earned jointly with most on-campus master’s or PhD programs. The joint iMBA/iMSA program is a new option that will be available for students enrolled in Gies College of Business’ online programs.
The degree allows students to minimize time and cost by earning both degrees simultaneously. It also provides students both a well-rounded business education and the accounting knowledge needed to prepare for the Uniform CPA exam. The joint degree requires 92 credit hours divided between iMBA and iMSA courses (60 for iMBA and 32 for iMSA). A minimum GPA of 3.0 must be maintained in order to remain in good standing.
Students who do not meet the requirements for the joint degree can petition to switch to one of the two individual programs, and then they would complete the degree requirements of either the iMSA or the iMBA program. Any credits already earned toward the stand-alone degree can be counted toward degree completion. Any remaining credits can be either counted toward completion of an iMBA or iMSA specialization – a series of related courses – if those credits are aligned with an existing specialization, or transferred to another program or university which accepts transfer credits.


Students interested in the joint iMBA/iMSA degree program can initially apply to either program. Students entering the joint degree through the iMBA program must first complete the ACCY 500 course at a grade B or higher. They must also have been enrolled in the iMBA program for three consecutive semesters with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in order to become eligible to petition for the Department of Accountancy’s approval to officially become a joint-degree student. A potential joint-degree student entering through the iMSA program must complete 20 semester credits of required accountancy coursework in the iMSA program at a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. At that point, they would become eligible to petition for the iMBA program’s approval to officially become a joint-degree student.

for the joint degrees of Master of Science in Accountancy and Master of Business Administration in Business Administration (online)

BADM 508Leadership and Teams4
BADM 509Managing Organizations4
BADM 520Marketing Management4
BADM 544Strategic Management4
BADM 567Process Management4
BADM 572Stat for Mgt Decision Making4
FIN 511Investments4
FIN 580Special Topics in Finance (Section: Corporate Finance)4
ECON 528Microeconomics for Business4
ECON 529Macroeconomics for Business4
ACCY 500Accounting Measurement, Reporting, and Control (Section IMB)4
Complete an additional elective course to meet the iMBA Core 3 requirement 14
Complete one iMBA focus area 212
ACCY 501Accounting Analysis I 34
ACCY 502Accounting Analysis II4
ACCY 503Managerial Accounting 44
ACCY 504Auditing4
ACCY 505Federal Taxation4
ACCY 506Advanced Topics in Accounting (Section: Advanced Financial Reporting)4
ACCY 507Taxation of Business Entities4
Non ACCY elective course 54
Total Hours92

Other Requirements

Complete any two specialization capstones plus an integrated capstone final project in the iMBA program.
Minimum GPA:3.0

for the joint degrees of Master of Science in Accountancy and Master of Business Administration in Business Administration (online)

Digital Marketing
Marketing in a Digital World
Digital Marketing Analytics
Digital Media & Marketing
Marketing in an Analog World
Global Challenges in Business
Global Business Horizons
Global Impact: Cultural Psychology & Business Ethics
Global Strategy
Entrepreneurship & Strategic Innovation
Strategic Innovation
Fostering Creative Thinking
Entrepreneurship: From Startup to Growth
Data Insights to Business and Operational Excellence
Introduction to Business Analytics with R
Introduction to Business Analytics: Communicating with Data
Data Toolkit: Business Data Modeling & Predictive Analytics
Data Analytics Applications in Business