Social Science: History Teaching Concentration

For the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences

Major in History, Social Science: History Teaching Concentration


Students are required to take a minimum of 36 hours in History courses. Only one of the following Advanced Composition courses (HIST 140HIST 143HIST 170HIST 173) will count toward the 36 hours required in History courses.

General education: Students must complete the Campus General Education requirements including the campus general education language requirement. 

Twelve hours of 300- and 400-level History courses must be taken on this campus.

Minimum hours required for graduation: 120 hours

This concentration fulfills state certification requirements to teach high school history (grades 9-12) through the AP/honors level and high school economics, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology/anthropology up to but not including the AP/honors level.

Students in this concentration must complete the Teacher Education Minor in Secondary School Teaching (39 hours). See the College of Education section for requirements of the minor.

Time to degree completion varies. Minimum time to completion is 8 semesters, but some students may require 10 semesters. Transfer students may need 10 total semesters combined to complete the program. Please see the LAS section in the transfer handbook for more information. 

To remain in good standing in this program and be recommended for certification, candidates are required to maintain UIUC, cumulative, content area, and professional education, grade-point averages of 2.5 (A= 4.0). Candidates should consult their advisor or the Council on Teacher Education for the list of courses used to compute these grade-point averages.

Departmental distinction: To be eligible for distinction, a student must be admitted to the Honors Program in History and complete its required coursework. Those admitted (ideally before the beginning of the junior year) must have earned at least a 3.5 GPA in History and a 3.25 GPA overall. They will then pursue a sequence consisting of HIST 495, HIST 492 and successful completion of either

  1. HIST 493 and HIST 499 in two consecutive semesters (in which case, the level of distinction awarded to student will be decided by the examining committee) OR
  2. the completion of two approved independent research projects under the supervision of two different advisors (HIST 490) (in which case, students will be eligible for an award of distinction only [not high or highest distinction]).
Foundation Courses
The following courses must be completed or in progress when students apply to the Secondary Education minor.
PS 101Intro to US Gov & Pol3
PSYC 100Intro Psych4
SOC 100Introduction to Sociology4
STAT 100Statistics3
Select one of the following:
Biology of Human Behavior
Microeconomic Principles
Macroeconomic Principles
HIST 141Western Civ to 16603-4
or HIST 140 Western Civ to 1660-ACP
HIST 142Western Civ Since 16603-4
or HIST 143 Western Civ Since 1660-ACP
Select one of the following:
US Hist to 1877-ACP
US Hist to 1877
US Hist Since 1877
US Hist Since 1877-ACP
One additional History course (HIST 200 - Intro Hist Interpretation is required for the major and recommended for transfer into the program)
Additional required coursework
Teacher Education Minor in Secondary School Teaching39
United States History (15 hours required)
HIST 171US Hist to 18773
or HIST 170 US Hist to 1877-ACP
HIST 172US Hist Since 18773
or HIST 173 US Hist Since 1877-ACP
HIST 273Illinois History3
or HIST 288 American Indians of Illinois
One 200-400 level course in 18th-19th century3
One 200-400 level course in 20th-21st century3
Nonwestern and Global History
HIST 100Global History3
One 200-400 level course in global or nonwestern history3
European History
One 200-400 level course to 17003
One 200-400 level course since 17003
HIST 200Intro Hist Interpretation3
Students must take HIST 498 - Research and Writing Seminar or, for those students in the Honors Program, HIST 495 - Honors Research & Writing Sem. Students may count the 3 hours towards any of the history areas noted above: US, Nonwestern/Global, or European.
Social Science Requirement (many of these will also satisfy general education requirements):
PS 100Intro to Political Science3
PS 240Intro to Comp Politics3
or PS 241 Comp Politics in Dev Nations
SOC 380Social Research Methods4
ANTH 143Biology of Human Behavior3
ANTH 230Sociocultural Anthropology3
ECON 102Microeconomic Principles3
ECON 103Macroeconomic Principles3
GEOG 103Earth's Physical Systems4
GEOG 104Social and Cultural Geography4