Speech and Hearing Science, BS

Neuroscience of Communication Concentration

The Neuroscience of Communication concentration provides and interdisciplinary understanding of the neurological systems that underline human communication.  Students will study the biological basis of communication in order to understand brain-behavior correlates of typical and disordered speech, language, and hearing function.  In addition, students will benefit from faculty research that utilizes innovative technologies to study the structure and function of the sensory-motor systems that underlie human communication abilities.  This concentration is intended to help prepare students for health and science-related careers, including medicine and neuroscience.  In addition, undergraduates interested in pursuing careers as an audiologist or speech-language pathologist can combine this concentration with pre-certification requirements.

SHS 280Communication Neuroscience3
SHS 285 (Title of course is: Quantitative Bases in SHS) 13
SHS 389 (Title of course is: Neuroplasticity and Communication)
SHS 427Language and the Brain3 or 4
SHS 470Neural Bases Spch Lang4
Students must also take 6 hours from the following specified electives:6
Any Chemistry or Physics 100-level class 2
Biology in Today's World 2
Intro to Brain and Cognition
Child Psych
Child Dev in Education
Perception & Sensory Processes
Cognitive Psych
Learning and Memory
Research Lab Experience in SHS 3
Comm Partners & Health
Augmentative & Alt Comm 4
Total Hours19-20