Curriculum & Instruction, EdD

for the degree of Doctor of Education Major in Curriculum and Instruction

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The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers many programs leading to the degree of Doctor of Education (Ed.D.).  A list of programs and additional requirements can be found on the program's website, the College of Education Graduate Programs Handbook, and the Graduate College Handbook.

Cognate Requirement (minimum applied toward degree)16
Research Methods8
Elective Hours: 36
General Course Work
Research/Project/Independent Study Hours (min/max applied toward degree):0-12
CI 599Thesis Research (min/max applied toward degree)4-16
Total Hours64

Other Requirements

Master's Degree Required for Admission to Ph.D.
Residency 2 consecutive full-time (12 hours) semesters of study on campus
Qualifying Exams
Human Subjects Approval
Premiminary Exam
Final Exam/Dissertation Defense
Dissertation Deposit
Minimum GPA 3.0