South Asian Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

for the Interdisciplinary Minor in South Asian Studies

The Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies offers an Interdisciplinary Minor in South Asian Studies. The minor is especially suited for students interested in a program of studies with focus on South Asia, as a complement to their disciplinary study. The structure of the minor provides students a great amount of flexibility; possible areas of emphasis include language and literature, as well as history and social sciences.A minimum grade-point average of 2.75 in South Asian Studies courses is required for completion of the minor. The 18-20 hours of courses selected by students for the South Asian Studies Minor should form a coherent program of study and must meet the approval of an advisor in the Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. The program must include at least 6 hours of 300- or 400-level courses. A student's plan of courses for the minor must be approved by the program.

Fourth-semester course work in an area-relevant language. A course that meets this requirement and is currently offered on a regular basis is HNDI 404 (5 hours). The requirement may also be met by comparable courses in these and other South Asian and South Asia-related languages, taught at UIUC or at other universities, through online courses (where available), and through a proficiency examination.3-5
HIST/ANTH 130History of South Asia3
Courses on South Asian history, language, literature, culture, and society from the following list: 112
Topics in Anthropology (appropriate sections)
Colloquium in Asian Studies (appropriate sections)
Lit of Asia & Africa I (appropriate sections)
Lit of Asia & Africa II
Development Economics (appropriate sections)
Advanced Hindi I
and Advanced Hindi II
Intro to South Asian Lit
India from Colony to Nation
S Asian Cultural Landscapes
Gov & Pol of South Asia
Asian Mythology
Intro to Islam - ACP
Mystics and Saints in Islam
Introduction to Hinduism
Topics in Religious Thought
Women in Muslim Societies
Islam & Politics in Mid. East
Total Hours18-20

For a list of approved courses, visit CSAMES Course Archive.