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The LAS Global Markets and Society Minor enables students at the University of Illinois to gain interdisciplinary knowledge of global market-society relations through historical and global perspectives that emphasize the social, political, and economic forces that shape market institutions and practices.  The minor requires 18-21 hours of coursework completed through six courses, with a minimum of six hours at the advanced level (300- or 400-level).  A professional development capstone experience course is optional and can be met by completing an internship or participating in a research experience and/or written project. The LAS Global Markets and Society Minor is open to undergraduate students in any major at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus.

Applications Requirements and Procedures

Completion of 30 hours of undergraduate coursework by the end of the Spring semester of application.

Students are admitted by application into the LAS Global Markets and Society Minor. Interested students will be asked to demonstrate a commitment to the program through (a) completing an application to the program, including a written statement of goals for participation in the program and/or evidence of or commitment to participation in activities designed to enhance leadership, and (b) developing a program plan with the program coordinator and/or their academic advisor prior to admission.

Only students officially admitted into the LAS Global Markets and Society Minor may earn the minor.

GLBL 270Introduction to Global Markets and Society3
Core Courses6
Choose 2 from the following list (Courses used in the core cannot be used again in your Specialization Track)
Business and Professional Communication
Intro Computing: Non-Tech
Microeconomic Principles
Business Location Decisions
20thC World from Midcentury
Intro to Public Policy
Industrial Org Psych
Global Ineq and Social Change
Specialization Track9
Choose three courses in your track. At least 2 of the 3 courses must be at the 300- or 400-level. Alternate courses may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Students choose courses from a list maintained by LAS Global Studies, and reviewed annually by the Global Markets and Society Advisory Committee.
Global Markets and Governance. The economy is intricately connected to institutions at the local, national, and international levels that affect market practices and outcomes. This track focuses on the institutions and social relations that govern global market practices.
Science, Technology, and Markets. Technological innovations in transportation and communications are driving business location decision-making and operations at the global scale. This track is aimed at science and technology majors with entrepreneurial ambitions as well as students in the social sciences and humanities investigating the interface between science, technology, and society.
Global Encounters. Participation in the global economy requires firms to be geographically dispersed and capable of partnering with a global audience of stakeholders. This track is focused on the historical and cross-cultural understanding necessary to engage in global markets.
Markets, Development, and the Environment. Global markets can create positive environmental outcomes in the locations where they operate. This track focuses on the challenges in designing, building, and evaluating sustainable environmental and development outcomes, including ecological modernization, market environmentalism, and political ecology.
The Global Workforce. Global production systems depend on the effective organization and participation of workers in the global workforce. This track focuses on human resources, organizational structures, and group communication in the contexts of working class history and global labor markets.
Analytical Approaches & Languages. Investigating global market-society relations requires a basic level of competence in communication skills, research methods, and analytical techniques. This track offers students a range of market language, methods, and skills oriented courses that build such competency.
OPTIONAL Professional Development Capstone Experience (3 hours)
Choose one option in consultation with the Global Markets and Society minor advisor:
Internship or Field Experience in a market-focused organization
Research Experience with a Faculty Member
Analytical/Research Paper with Faculty Guidance
Credit is awarded for each of these three options on the basis of an analytical/research paper written by the student under the supervision of a faculty adviser
Total Minimum Hours18