Teacher Education Minor in Secondary School Teaching

for the Teacher Education Minor in Secondary School Teaching

college of education

director of teacher education: Lisa Monda-Amaya

secondary education adviser: Amanda Heinsman

department office: 110 Education Building

1310 South Sixth Street

Champaign, IL 61820

phone: (217) 333-2800

college of liberal arts & sciences

executive assistant dean: Bob Steltman

department office: 2002 Lincoln Hall

702 South Wright Street

Urbana, IL 61801

overview of college admissions & requirements:

admissions information: secedadvising@education.illinois.edu

college websites: https://education.illinois.edu/ & https://las.illinois.edu/

This minor is a component of the teaching option within the following Science and Letters majors: Biology, Chemistry, English, Geology, History, Mathematics, and Physics. Enrollment is limited to candidates in these options. Students are admitted into the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences' major of interest and apply to enter the minor in their sophomore year.  

Requirements for the Teacher Education in Secondary School Teaching Minor

Professional Education Required Courses
EDUC 201Identity and Difference in Education 13
EDUC 202Social Justice, School and Society 13
CI 401Introductory Teaching in a Diverse Society3
CI 403Teaching a Diverse High School Student Population3
CI 404Teaching and Assessing Secondary School Students3
CI 473Disciplinary Literacy3
EPSY 201Educational Psychology 1, 23
EPSY 485Assessing Student Performance3
SPED 405General Educator's Role in Special Education3
EDPR 442Educational Practice in Secondary Education12
Total Hours39-40