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The Minor in Theatre offers students a comprehensive overview of the study of theatre.  The purpose is to expose undergraduate students to the field by reinforcing the integrated nature of theatre as a scholarly and aesthetic pursuit. Students are required to take a core of required courses totaling ten hours and a minimum of six hours of electives in two general areas: History/Criticism and Production/Performance with at least one course from each area.

Contact the Department of Theatre for admission information.

Required Courses10
THEA 100Practicum I1
THEA 101Introduction to Theatre Arts3
THEA 20821st Century Dramaturgy3
Select one of the following courses to fulfill the theatre history requirement:3
Global Theatre Performance
Topics in Theatre History
Elective Courses6
At least one course must be 300 level or higher. The following courses are traditionally open to non-majors and students pursuing a Minor in Theatre. Please refer to the university course time table in terms of when and how often these courses are offered. All prerequisites for the courses apply.
Select one course from History/Criticism:
Broadway Musicals
Introduction to Greek and Roman Theater
Introduction to Playwriting
Intro to Social Issues Theatre
Intro Asian American Theatre
Intro African American Theat
Global Theatre Performance 1
The Comic Imagination
Topics in Theatre History 1
Dramaturgs Workshop
Playwrights' Workshop
Leading Post-Perform Dialog
Devising Social Issues Theatre (can count as Prod/Perf OR History/Crit)
American Theatre History I
American Theatre History II
Contemporary Theatrical Forms
Modern Scandinavian Drama
Select one course from Production/Performance:
Practicum I
Introduction to Theatre Sound
Fundamentals of Acting I
Fundamentals of Acting II (non-major section)
Survey of Theatrical Design
Introduction to Scenic Design
Intro to Lighting Design
Relationships in Acting I (non-major section)
Production Management
Devising Social Issues Theatre (can count as Prod/Perf OR History/Crit)
Business of Entertainment Design
Principles of Arts Management
Properties Design