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The School of Music offers non-music majors an exposure to music through courses in musicology and ethnomusicology, music theory, music composition, music technology, jazz history and studies, and performance studies (through applied lessons and ensemble). The Music Minor is intended for student musicians with previously established, fundamental musical experiences - individuals who wish to expand upon already obtained musical skills and related study - and is not intended to be an introduction to music.  

Admission to the Music Minor

Prospective Music Minors must apply for acceptance into the program.  For more information, please see, or contact the Music Admissions Office (in Music Building Room 2018) for general instructions on how to apply for the minor.

Course Requirements

The Music Minor requires the successful completion of 21 semester hours of courses in music according to the following distribution:

  1. Six to eight (6-8) credit hours in music core coursework, including either four (4) credits in Music Theory and Practice I and II (MUS 101 and MUS 102) or six (6) credits in Rudiments of Music Theory I and II (MUS 103 and MUS 104), plus two (2) credits in Introduction to Art Music (MUS 110);
  2. At least six credit hours must derive from upper division or advanced music courses. This includes MUS 313 and MUS 314 (which also serve as General Education courses), or any other MUS 300-or 400-level music course with instructor approval;
  3. Additional music elective credit hours may include private lessons (applied lessons) pending successful completion of an audition with the appropriate music professor and availability of teaching staff;
  4. Up to three (3) credit hours of ensembles may be used for electives and can be selected from MUS 250MUS 252-MUS 257, MUS 260-MUS 272
  5. Topics offered under MUS 199 or MUS 499 must be approved for credit toward by the music minor advisor.
Music Theory
MUS 101
MUS 102
Music Theory and Practice I
and Music Theory and Practice II 1
MUS 103
MUS 104
Rudiments of Music Theory I
and Rudiments of Music Theory II 1
MUS 110Introd Art Mus: Intl Perspect2
Upper Division Music Courses
Music courses at the 300-400 level. 2, 3, 46
Music Electives
Music electives to be taken from theory, aural skills, musicology, jazz history, applied lessons, music technology, conducting, composition, ensembles, etc. 5, 6, 77-9
Note: Up to three (3) ensemble credits will apply toward the Music Minor. Approved ensembles include MUS 250, MUS 252-MUS 257, and MUS 260-MUS 272.
Total Hours21