History of Art, BFA

Alan Mette
143 Art and Design Building, 408 East Peabody, Champaign
PH: (217) 333-0855

The curriculum in the history of art requires 122 credit hours and offers a broad cultural education that unites academic and studio training. The curriculum provides sound preparation for the graduate study required for museum work or teaching at the college level.

To be eligible for distinction, a student must earn a 3.25 overall GPA, and 3.50 GPA in Art History. The Student will complete at least 4 semester hours of independent research to write a senior research paper. See the undergraduate adviser for further details.

Contact: Mark Avery
Coordinator of Undergraduate Academic Affairs
School Office: 140 Art and Design Building, Champaign, 333-6632, mavery@illinois.edu

Students in the School of Art and Design must complete the Campus General Education requirements. Some Art and Design courses will also apply toward the General Education requirements.

A portfolio review is required for admission to the School of Art and Design.

Students must complete a fourth-level college foreign language course or its equivalent for graduation with a B.F.A. in Art History.

Art History Requirements

Select three of the following (credit will not be given for both ARTH 112 and ARTH 115):12
Ancient to Medieval Art
Renaissance to Modern Art
Introduction to African Art
Introduction to East Asian Art
Art in a Global Context
ARTH 395Junior Seminar in Art History3
ARTH 495Senior Seminar in Art History3
One advanced Art History (200-400 level) course from each of the following categories: 9
African or East Asian Art
Art History before 1700
Art History after 1700
Advanced Art History course not used elsewhere3
Total Hours30

Humanities Electives

Students are required to complete a minimum of 6 hours of electives in a single area from the following options: ancient and modern literatures, classics, anthropology, history, and philosophy. Students should select these courses with the FAA Art History Advisor's consent.6
Total Hours6

Art and Design Requirements

ARTF 101Contemporary Issues in Art2
ARTE 101Art, Design, and Society2
ARTH 110Introduction to the History of Art and Visual Culture3
Drawing Course 13
Course in the 2D Category 23
Course in the 3D Category 33
Course in the 4D Category 43
Art (ARTD and/or ARTS) electives12
Total Hours31

Open Electives

Open electives as needed to total 122 hour degree.